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New Interlude Server!

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Today i have tryed a interlude server... and i really like it , u can try it too if u want

This is the WebSite of the server http://forthewinners.com



XP: x200


SP: x200


PartyXp: x1.5


PartySp: x1.5


DropAdena: x300


ConsumableCost: custom


DropItems: x1


DropSealStones: x5


DropSpoil: x1


DropManor: x1


DropQuest: x1


QuestsReward: x1


KarmaExpLost: x1


DropRaidBoss: x1


Max Subclass: 3


Buffs: 30+4 (divine buffs)





- Normal - 99-58% / Failure Penalty Enchant set to Crystals


- Blessed

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