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Experimente ciudate, majoritatea stupide, unele comice, altele cam sadice...


The thirst for knowledge often inspires research with life-changing results. But it can also fuel experiments that range from the slightly silly to the downright disgusting.


Now a list of the most amusing, provocative and outrageous experiments of modern science has been compiled by author Alex Boese, who scoured research journals, books and university archives.


Topics covered include what happens when you give an elephant LSD and how to make a turkey frisky.


Featured in this week's New Scientist magazine, his book, Elephants On Acid And Other Bizarre Experiments, also tells of attempts to bring dead dogs back to life.

Terror in the skies


Trying to chart how people react when faced with death, the U.S. Army faked a plane crash.


A group of young soldiers was told their plane was about to make an emergency landing in the ocean - and they had to quickly fill out insurance forms.


After they completed the forms, they were told the threat was over and the plane landed safely.


Not surprisingly, the fear of a crash landing led to them making more mistakes on the form than another group who filled out the same paperwork on the ground.


So disenchanted were the guinea pigs that one left a note on a sick bag, ensuring any move to repeat the 1960s experiment was ruined.


Elephants on acid


Forty-five years ago, two psychiatrists administered history's largest dose of LSD to Tusko, a three-and-a-half ton elephant.


The 14-year-old male was given enough acid to make 3,000 people hallucinate, in a bizarre bid to find out whether it would trigger a temporary form of madness called musth, in which bull elephants become sexually aggressive.


Whatever the intentions of the University of Oklahoma researchers, the experiment backfired within seconds of the drug being injected into Tusko's rump on a hot August day in 1962.


The horrified creature trumpeted round its pen in Oklahoma City's Lincoln Park Zoo for a few minutes, before keeling over and dying shortly afterwards.


Faced with a public outcry, researchers Louis Jolyon West and Chester M Pierce noted they had taken the LSD in the past without fatal consequences - and suggested the drug could be used to destroy herds in countries where they cause a problem.

Saracul elefant :jester:
The Lazarus dogs


With the help of a series of fox terriers named Lazarus, researcher Robert E Cornish tried to hone a technique for raising the dead.


In the 1930s, the University of California biologist seesawed the canine corpses up and down to circulate the blood, while injecting a mixture of adrenaline and anti-coagulants.


Some did stir back to life, and despite being brain damaged, they lived on for months.


In 1947, armed with a heart-lung machine made from items including a vacuum cleaner blower, he announced he was ready to experiment on a human. A death row prisoner volunteered, but Cornish was refused permission.



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Experimente ciudate, majoritatea stupide, unele comice, altele cam sadice...

Mie toate mi se par sadice si niciunul comic. Nici macar ala cu avionul. Pacat ca erau din armata si nu prea puteau sa comenteze, ca altfel sigur ii dadeau pe cercetatori in judecata. Nici nu pot sa-mi imaginez cum au reactionat. Si ce instrument de cercetare TAMPIT - un formular de asigurare. Pai si eu, sau oricine le puteam spune ca o sa faca 1000 de greseli din cauza stresului :P , altceva nu s-au gandit sa studieze (unde cerebrale, ritmul cardiac, analiza comportamentului dupa aflarea vestii)?!

Saracul elefentel! Chiar azi am citit ce efecte au amfetaminele si metamfetaminele (cautati pe youtube "the faces of meth" sau pt amatorii de senzatii tari "meth mouth" - ATENTIE!extrem de scarbos!!!)asupra oamenilor si la cum sunt descrise, e mai bine ca a murit! :jester:

Sunt sigura ca si acum in laboratoare din toata lumea animale sunt chinuite fara rost, e groaznic!

Editat de Laura1985

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Mie toate mi se par sadice si niciunul comic.

Ai dreptate... le-am luat numai pe alea sadice din articol... :P Cred ca am nevoie de un control :o: ... Oricum, vedeti ca linkul e acolo...

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"The vomit-drinking doctor


Determined to prove that yellow fever was not contagious, trainee doctor Stubbins Ffirth set out to demonstrate that no matter how much he exposed himself to the disease, he would not catch it.



To this end, he poured 'fresh black vomit' from a patient into a cut on his arm.


When he failed to fall ill, he gradually upped the ante, pouring the stuffing into deeper cuts, dribbling it into his eyes, and even building a 'vomit sauna' filled with vomit vapour.


He then drank the vomit, which gains its black colour from blood that has haemorrhaged in the stomach.


He finished by smearing himself with yellow fever-tainted blood, saliva, sweat and urine.


Healthy as ever, Ffirth, who lived in Philadelphia, declared his hypothesis proven in his 1804 thesis."


Asta e tot din articol si e mai marfa.

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Ala da cercetator hotarat, cu toate ca :blink: Dar de asta ce ziceti?

Help! My wife WAS a doting mother - then she went in to a coma and now she's a hypersexual

Heather Howland looks at the floor as Andy, her husband of 15 years, tries to work out how many men she has had inappropriate relations with in the past two years.


"We were going through it all the other night and I said I reckoned there have been about 50," he says, quite matter-of-factly.


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