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L2 Interlude Uncensored

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Lineage II Uncensored Features



Xp: 1000x

Sp: 1000x

Adena: 1000x

Drop: 1000x

Spoil: 1x

Drop boss: 1000x

Safe +4 / Max +20

Normal Enchant: 85%

Blessed Enchant: 100% (Max +16)

Crystall Enchant: 100% (Max +20)



You Start with Full A-Grade Items (Free) Only you need The Custom Commands!

PvP/Pk Color System


Max 6 Subclass

Buff time 3 Hours

Hero Every 1 Week

Geodata & Pathdone

Don't allow SOE in PvP

Anti de-buff system.

All Classes can wear Bow (Balanced)

Heavy/Light Armor Restriction

1 Gold Bar = 500 kk Adena

Full Buff (You can`t give Resists Bufss to Other Players)

"To Village" Teleport you in giran

"/unstuck" Teleport you in Giran

Spawn Protection = 20 s - Unstuck Teleport Interval = 15s

After dead Your CP/HP/MP Restore 100%

Announce Castle Lord Log In ( We have Only 3 Castles Giran/Aden/Rune)

You Can Only Have 1 Augment Passive or Active

Augments Rate : High Lifestone : 10% (Farmeable) // Top Lifestone : 35% (Only Vote Reward)

You can't use SOE or /unstuck when you are Flaggued!

WarLengenAura at 30 PvPs

Protection Skills Only in the Class(You can't give Protections to others Classes)

Maximilian (All Subclasses In One Npc)


And Much More - Log In Game And Have Fun!


Custom NPC's

AIO SHOP (Full items/Reward Shop/Event Shop/Donate Shop)

AIO Gatekeeper

Vote Shop

Class Manager (Free)


Clan Manager

All Subclasses In One Npc


RaidBoss Spawn List Time

Protection Pk

Global GK

Skill Enchanter

PayPal Donater

Casino Manager (Adena-Vote)

Password Manager

Town Teleporter (Show How much players are Inside)

PvP/Pk/Clan Top List

Clan Manager

Custom Noblesse Quest

Siege Manager

Boss Spawn Info

Wedding Manager

Custom RaidBoss


Custom Item's

TvT Item

Ctf Item

DM Item

Vote Item (Every 6 Votes you are Rewarded with 5 Vote Coins)

Noblesse Item

Reputation Points Item

Raid Boss Jewels( Ant Queen is "S" Grade.

Hero Coin

Custom Crowns

Rec Item (You can Buy with PvP/Pk Rewards/Give 50 Recs when you press)

Carnage Bow "Focus"

Improved Scrolls=Crystall (Image Changed)

AIO Item (Top Online/Server Clans/Heroes/Currently Online/Server Game Masters)


Custom Commands



/deposit - /withdraw

.daggeritems (Give A-Grade Items For Dagguer)

.mageitems (Give A-Grade Items For Mage)

.bowitems (Give A-Grade Items For Saggi)

.tankitems (Give A-Grade Items For Tank)

.ctfjoin/.ctfleave/.ctfinfo (Full Buff-Automated)

.dmjoin / .dmleave / .dminfo (Full Buff-Automated)

.tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtinfo (Full Buff-Automated)

.fb (Fighter Buffs)

.mb (Mage Bufss)

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