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L2 Fakaheda 8x

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Game Rates:


* XP/ SP: x8

* Party XP/ SP: x1.5

* Adena/ Drop/ Spoil: x10/ x5/ x5

* Raid Drop: x3

* Epic Jewels Drop Chance: x2

* Hellbound Rates: x3

* Mercenary/Siege Guard Price: x4

* Weight Limit: x2

* Class master with chatting window

* Subclass without Quest

* Autolearn skills

* Dance/Song 4 min


Quest Rates:


* XP/ SP: x3

* Item/ Adena Reward: x3

* Quest Item Drop Rate: x3


Others Rates:


* Vitality levels: 150% ->200% ->250% ->300%

* Vitality Gain/lost: x1


Enchant and Attribute System:


* enchant rate 55%

* Retail attribute rate


Features (Updates by Freya client):


* Grandbosses

* New instances

* New items/skills

* New quests

* Working all 7sings quests

* New zones

* Hellbound

* 7 Sings Quests

* SoD, SoI, SoA and more

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