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[L2J] Xtreme Network

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Site : http://l2.xtreme-games.info

Interlude Patch : http://www.4shared.com/file/L0HdhgYA/LOmega.html

Freya Patch : http://www.mediafire.com/?ms16ge0yzwv8h6g


Server Info



XP : 1000x

SP : 1000x

Adena : 1000x

Drop : 1x

Spoil : 1x

Party : 2x





Safe : +5

Max For Weapons : +20

Max For Armors : +20

Max For Jewels : +20

Enchant Rate : 75%

Blessed Rate : 100%



-=General Features=-


Custom Npcs

Custom Zones

Custom Tatoo

Custom Mask

Buff time 2h

Olympiad Works 100%

Sieges Works 100%

Fortress Works 100%

Skills Works 95%

Aug. Skill Rate 15%

TVT Engine Every 2 Hour

Max Ally 3

PvP Color System 500/750/1000/1250/1500





We are running on the latest version of L2JServer Pack

That is a public lineage 2 pack writed on java language






Internet Connection 1000 Up / Down

Traffic Unlim.

Intel Core i5 920 2.66Ghz

(1) Hard Disk 1500 GB 7.200 RPM

(Windows Hard Disk) 500 GB SSD

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