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O intrebare ptr cineva care stie lb turceasca

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daca se poate, vreau sa stiu ce inseamna shiskebab


E un gen de kebab turcesc.


Asta e definitia in engleza pe care am gasit-o:


shish kebab =A dish consisting of pieces of seasoned meat and sometimes vegetables roasted on skewers and served with condiments

=cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables



[Armenian shish kabab, from Turkish i kebab : i, skewer + kebab, qualifying (possessive) form of kebap, roasted meat (probably from Arabic kabb, cooked meat in small pieces, possibly from Aramaic kabbb, burning, charring, from kabbeb, to char, roast, probably from Akkadian kabbu, to burn. See kbb in Semitic Roots).]


sper ca ti'e de folos :blink:

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bucatele de carne de porc fripte pe o tepusa. un fel de frigarui.

Sa avem pardon...nu de porc ci de miel, pui sau vita.


Este un kebab care contine frigarui si alte ingrediente specifice kebabului servite intr-o lipie sau intr-o jumatate de paine de la care s-a scos miezul.

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