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Cele mai economice automobile din 2006

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Honda Insight, un automobil hibrid benzina-electric, a detronat Toyota Prius din topul celor mai economice automobile, potrivit unui studiu al Department of Energy, din Statele Unite.

Automobilele diesel de la Volkswagen au ocupat locuri fruntase in topul economiei de carburant la categoriile "compact" si "sub-compact". VW Beetle cu transmisie manuala si VW Golf diesel se pot lauda cu o autonomie de drum ce depaseste celelalte companii europene si sunt de altfel singurele automobile de pe Batranul Continent care au intrat in primele zece.

Dintre SUV-uri, numai Ford Escape Hybrid ocupa locuri in top.

Topul celor mai economice automobile care se vor vinde in 2006:

1.Honda Insight (hibrid)

2.Toyota Prius (hibrid)

3.Volkswagen New Beetle si Golf (diesel, manuala)

4.Volkswagen Jetta (diesel)

5.Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

6.Volkswagen New Beetle and Jetta (diesel, automata)

7.Volkswagen Golf (diesel, automata)

8.Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD

9.Lexus RX 400h 2WD

10.Toyota Corolla (manuala)


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Trebuie sa stii cum sa conduci o astfel de masina pentru a avea un consum mic.


But last weekend, Ford engineers spent two days teaching 300 well-educated, well-connected technology lovers everything they can do to maximize the mileage on their gas-electric hybrid versions of the Escape SUV.

"It's important because we want to make sure people know how to drive the cars to increase their fuel economy," says Mary Ann Wright, director of hybrid technologies. "And it's important for my group, too, because they really feel like rock stars."



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