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HUMMER H :boredom: ??? cel mai scump cel mai rapid nu stiu

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Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007


Are o formă foarte fain.































Nu cred că e cel mai scump nici cel mai rapid, dar

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dupa voi,care ar fi cel mai scump SUV din lume?dar cel mai rapid?

Cel mai rapid si mai scump este Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (550cp) sau Turbo (500cp).In 2010 se vor lansa noile modele Cayenne Turbo va avea 533 cp si un pret care va porni de la $110,000 iar Turbo S va avea 580cp si va porni de la $135,000.

Pe locul 2 in performanta si pret se afla Range Rover Sport Supercharged (400 cp) si Range Rover HSE Sport (300 cp).Pretul incepe de la $93.000.

Despre Hummer :think:

Hummer H2 (393 cp...dar mai incet in comp cu Range Rover HSE din cauza greutatii) costa cam $63,090...Hummer H3 (295 cp) $41,705 ...Hummer H3T (239cp) $36,015...preturile astea avand optiuni incluse (spre deosebire de Porsche si Range Rover la care preturile afisate sunt la modelul basic fara optiuni)


PS: Ai deschis topic doar ca afli care este cel mai rapid si scump SUV? :boredom:

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Alte SUV-uri din categoria performante si costisitoare (pret initial fara optiuni) ar fi:


BMW X5 (315 cp) $47,500

BMW X6 (twin-turbo 3.0L V6, 300 cp) $53,275 si (twin-turbo 4.4L V8,400 cp) $63,775

Mercedes GL320(4.5L V8,335 cp ) $59,075.

Mercedes G550 (5.5L V-8,382 cp) $101,125

Mercedes ML550 (5.5L V8,382 cp) $55.000

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World's Most Expensive SUV for Sale at $300,000

by Jared Paul Stern (RSS feed)


Jun 19th 2009 at 8:01AM



One of the very first models of the Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris, the world's most expensive SUV, is being offered for sale via global online luxury marketplace JamesList for about $300,000. Made by the Dutch supercar company, the Peking-to-Paris was originally styled the D12 and and featured a V12 engine in concept form, but will be fitted with a V8 for production. The vehicle is being offered for delivery shortly after the Frankfurt Motor Show in September where the production version will make its long-awaited debut. The custom-built four-wheel drive four-door is styled a "Super Sport Utility Vehicle" or SSUV, with supercar performance. The Peking-to-Paris model commemorates Spyker's participation in the 1907 cross-country race of that name. The incredibly luxurious interior is completely fitted out in glove-soft leather.

Tags: Frankfurt Motor Show, FrankfurtMotorShow, JamesList, Spyker, supercar, SUV


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Avind 12 cilindri, V12 se noteaza, performantele sint superbe, aproape zboara!!!

Acum depinde unde ai putea sa-l folosesti/testezi la maxim ce poate aceasta super masina!!!

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