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Character: Kender Kryn

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Name: Kendter Kryn


Class: Rogue/Ranger/Shadowdancer


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Race: half elf


Age: unknown. He looks young, but his eyes show a vast experience.


Kender was born in a village close to the city of Neverwinter. Even as a child he had an uncanny talent to make things disappear from one place and reappear in his pockets :blink: His flexibile style and cunning words have gotten him out of many troubles caused by this 'talent'. His father, a former adventurer, has taught him basic notions of wielding weapons, while his mother, an Elf from the High Forest taught him how to hide and move silently. He has found the occasion to put his knowledge to the test when he was 21, when, like so many others, he went to aid Neverwinter during the terrible Plague of the Wailing Death. It is hard to separate fiction from reality here, but he has remained in the memory of locals as a hero and was rewarded as such by the city rulers. His name is also mentioned in connection with more suspicious activities, such as break-ins. Well... once a rogue, always a rogue.


When things settled after the Plague, he went north to the mountains called The Spine of the World, or so people claim. His name was mentioned on several occasions, in the Anauroch Desert and Waterdeep, where he seems to have played a rol in the war against the Drow Elves.


The only problem is that these events took place several years ago and he doesn't seem to be older than 25. Rumours and whispers go about in closed circles that his existance has gone beyond the material plane, as it seems that he has spent some time in the dimension of shadows before appearing near Waterdeep.


His Elven blood made him initiate himself in the secrets of rangers, but these didn't attract him too much so he didn't go beyond basic communication with animals. That is also something, as not anyone can talk to animals. Gaining experience, he decided to take his rogue abilities to another level. Not wanting to become an assassin he has opted for discovering the secrets of the shadowdancers.


He isn't the most solid of guys, but the two swords he carries at all times inspire fear or at least respect in all who see them.


He has willingly chosen to be good, though his talents would have allowed him to maintain a facade behind which he could act more 'flexible'. At some point he had accumulated an impressive fortune from his adventures and several powerful artefacts. Now however, money and prey has grown more scarce; still, what he carries around is more than enough to face any challenge that might come up.


More to come.


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