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Spring in Paris

Character: Angelique

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Name : Angelique


Nickname : Angy


Gender: female


Race: half elf, half feline


Age: 20


Partner: she is quite secretive, so we don't really know


Looks: Slender body, black hair, stunning blue eyes, thin but strong hands; her fingers have (apparently) harmless claws; she can turn into a black panther.


Character: Seemingly cold and distant, mysterios, but deep down friendly; brave and strong.


History: Kidnapped as a child, Angelique was raised in a noble's court as a servant; she has run away not long ago.


Family and friends: Her family has been killed while she was captive; she doesn't have any friends (yet).


Skills: She is a talented singer, good at housework and speaks several languages.


Special abilities: Very fast and very light. Seemingly fragile, she is yet dangerous; she sees into people's hearts and may easily charm them. She can catch glimpses of the past, unravelling many mysteries.


A picture of Angy.

Not very clear out of technical reasons.


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Motto : life goes on no matter what... don't look back.


She has adhered to this motto when she ran away from the place where she was being held captive. She wanted and she had to forget her past, which wasn't too pleasant. She had beaten the odds and survived by looking ahead, hoping for a new beginning, a new chance. She never gave up, never resigned. She looked ahead with her head held high. There were few moments when she was completely helpless, and those only when she was captive, as a child, not knowing her true strength. Running away she left her past behind once and for all, even though some memories... such as her mother's face... still haunt her.

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weapons: Angy has a quarterstaff. It's full of surprises , it might look like a pretty walk stick , but it's more than that .

She also has a dagger , a silver blade one. On it's grip , it has tiny emeralds inwrought. She keeps this one well hidden. :flowers:


I will show pictures with these two weapons soon, I hope.

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