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i found this thing on several blogs. Did on mine too and thought I'd also post it here. Feel free to keep it up. Write whatever crosses your mind.


i am: at war with myself and the world :yes:

i want: to be left alone most of the times; to be loved sometimes. that and world peace :)

i wish: to make peace with myself and learn to love myself

i hate: waking up early, being noticed, being yelled at and taking the blame for others.

i miss: being unaware

i fear: choking on my own feelings :ok:

i hear: a quiet song in my head and the constant sound of the stream flowing all around my shell

i wonder: at the lengths some people would go to attract attention

i regret: letting myself go

i am not: half as good as as i wish, half as bad as some think

i dance: only when i feel naughty :flowers:

i sing: dreadfully, so i refrain; except at concerts, then it's top of my lungs and a cathartic thing

i cry: mostly at night

i am not always: able to stop myself getting angry at people who are not worth the bother; willing to justify myself.

i made: too many commitments, i think at times. but as yet, i cope

i write: preferably in black ink; poetry and rants to cleanse my system of toxines; i call them my intellectual wastes

i confuse: people around me with my mood swings and internet users about my gender through my nickname 8)

i need: a stronger will and

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i am...not sure what i am :ok:

i want..to be loved

i wish...my dreams could come true

i hate...stupidity, waking up early and......uncertainty

i fear.....that one day i'll realise i'm nothing

i love....a girl :doh: 8)

i miss...being careless

i fear..that one day i'll realise that i'm nothing

i hear...the cooler from my computer..i guess i better turn on the music :yes: ...ok...now i hear iron maiden live in rio...the clansman 8)

i regret...not trying harder

i dance...on rare ocasions :flowers:

i sing..daily along with my music...and every time i'm on the stadium :ok: :)

i cry.....only when i'm really really really sad and sometimes not even then

i am not always...willing to be nice and friendly with everybody

i write...ocasinaly some lyrics and my own thoughts

i need ...a stronger will and someone to love me

i should..start being more responsible



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i am ...a woman :lol:

i want ... to get a job :D

i wish .. to have more patience

i hate .. when i see someone stupid , that they is trying to convince me that they are smart ass 8)

i fear .. to not make more mistakes

i miss.. a good food from my mam

i hear .. the sound from keyboard

i wonder .. if my marriage will be same in 10 years , if we will love eatch in that time same , and we will be crazzy like is now :offtopic:

i regret .. to not learning everyday

i dance.. to get attention :o:

i sing .. in the shower :o:

i cry .. when i am too nervouse and sad

i am not always ..bad

i made .. today some ppl laught

i write .. summary all time when i read a book

i need ... a dish washer , too lazy :P

i should ...start to have the life that i dream too

i finish ...this topic now



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i am: here for now and worth the cost

i want: to find someone who loves me the way i love them.

i wish: for the end.

i hate: people that think i'm too young to accomplish anything.

i miss: touch.

i fear: failure

i hear: the sound of 6 billion people not recognizing talent

i wonder: sometimes why i try

i regret: loving at all

i am not: held in high regard by a female

i dance: to my own music

i sing: so well.

i cry: too often to finish this sente--

i am not always: this maudlin.

i made: no one cry.

i write: all the time. i've been told im an amazing writer.. poetry and stories, music...

i confuse: none about my intentions

i need: love

i should: learn to cope with the failures i often experience and learn to love someone who may have a faint inkling of interest in my existence

i start: having feelings too soon to realize they will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever return any one of them.

i finish: before everyone else

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I am a simple, common , dreaming being

i want to meet and discover new people

i wish i could express what I feel more often

i hate the others to decide for myself

i miss someone to hug

i fear solitude

i hear the cry of the earth

i wonder why i am writing this now

i regret that sometimes i can't do what i want to do

i am not how my parents expected me to be

i dance everytime when i hear some nice music

i sing not bad :P

i cry when i dont feel that im loved

i am not always depressed like now

i made some guys cry

i write all the time sms to people i miss

i confuse care with politeness

i need someone to love

i should be more positive

i start observing the beautiful things around me

i finish this "questionnaire" ;) finally!

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I can't be bothered to fill all that in, but will share the following. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall ( i know that will mean nothing to you lot!), have green eyes, live in the south of England (the nice bit - lol) and my hair is ever so slightly turning grey at the temples ;)

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I am: what I wanted to be when I was still a teenager

I want: to learn Spanish

I wish: I was 1 inch taller ;)

I hate: people that deliberately hurt other people

I miss: my grandmother

I fear: being alone

I hear: everything I am not supposed to listen to :P

I wonder: what it would be like to live in South America for a couple of years or so

I regret: all the nasty things I did and said to some of my "friends"

I am not: perfect

I dance: every time I get a chance

I sing: only in the shower and pray no one is listening

I cry: when I am frustrated

I am not always: as innocent as I look

I made: a pact with myself to always walk tall

I write: silly stuff

I confuse: working with having fun and vice-versa

I need: a pair of high-heel red shoes

I should: laugh more and worry less

I start: many projects at the same time

I finish: nothing until the last minute

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Let's see:

I am: rather bored atm :lol2:

I want: to change; to make new friends; to find a job this summer :roll:

I wish: I could be more insensitive at times;

I hate: dumb a**es, waking up first thing in the morning, surprises (of any kind), gossip, television, 'manele' :crazy:, public transport... and.. and.. aah the list is too long..

I miss: My grandparents (RIP :lol2:), my old friends, and the times I've spent with someone who I had loved :roll:

I fear: Failure, loneliness.

I hear: music.

I need: to get a life :crazy:

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i am: not doing my job at the moment

i want: to kill, kill, kill and burn. but i am restraining myself.

i wish:people weren't that stupid.

i hate: errrrrr.... stupids?

i miss: times when i didn't care

i fear: letting go too much

i hear: cars out on the street

i wonder: if it's that hard

i regret: being really mischievious :huh: (but only half)

i am not: half as good as as i wish, half as bad as some think - still true

i dance: away on a rainbow to find a pot o' gold

i sing: a merry tune, to charm the leprechaun

i cry: because the above ain't true

i am not always: answering provokations

i made: some mean comments

i write: here mainly, from now on, i hope

i confuse: the "is" with the "should be"

i need: a kick in the ass to get back to work

i should: stop bothering

i start: thinking i'm wasting time

i finish: posting in this topic, for now

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i am: caucasian

i want: a dog

i wish: i had a dog

i hate: golf

i miss: summer

i fear: loneliness

i hear: the computer humming

i wonder: what my kid will look like

i regret: being a bitch towards some

i am not: what i expected to be

i dance: when the party's over

i sing: like s**t

i cry: at the wrong movies

i am not always: perfect

i made: myself believe

i write: as we speak

i confuse: myself

i need: a miracle

i should: stop complaining

i start: feeling old

i finish: my L&Ms

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