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L2G-OldStar Interlude

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L2G-OldStar EXP: 1000 L2G-OldStarSP: x2 L2G-OldStar Adena: 1000


Safe: 5

Max weapon: 20/

Max Armor: 20

Max Jewels: 20

Max All With Crystal : +25

Normal Enchant rate: 75%

Blessed Scroll Weapon +20 90%

Blessed Scroll Weapon +20 90%

Blessed Scroll Armor +20 90%

Enchant Crystal : +18 up +25 100% rate

L2G-OldStar Weapons Custom

L2G-OldStar Armors Custom

L2G-OldStar Wings

PvP Color System

Hero Every Week

C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 99%

Castle Sieges

Clan Hall Sieges

All Quests

Hero Work 100%

Server Have 100% Uptime

C5/Interlude Clan System

Custom Npcs At All Towns

Fix Bugs

Main Town Aden

Subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights)

Wedding Manager



Weapons Augmentations


Events Every Day

Custom Raids




Webpage www.l2g-oldstar.vv.si


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