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  1. Suzuki is a Japanese brand of cars and motorcycles synonymous with perfection! For the past three decades, the Japanese automotive industry enjoys a good reputation and the highest degree of confidence given by its loyal buyers. The Japanese builder has been noted, over the years, with the courage to launch exotic models of motorcycles on the local and international markets, and not only in times of economic decline, where other dealers or importers were limiting their activity. At a time when motorcycles sales were falling down, losing sight of the challenges posed by economic crises, Suzuki was remarked by the variety of motorcycle models launched, the durability of the components, and, of course, the performance of its vehicles. The diversified range of motorcycles includes in categories such as sports, enduro, terrain, as well as vehicles designed to travel on public roads. Suzuki's success is also closely related to providing the most complete guarantee of the Japanese technicians' professionalism, the high standards practiced by the Japanese scuder, and the exotic design of the motorcycles. Here's a short list of the main issues that have propelled the prestigious Japanese motorcycles into the top-ranked global brands! Full range of motorcycles Suzuki is remarkable through the broadest range of motorcycles. And we're not just talking about sports bikes here! Over the years, new enduro motorcycle models have been launched on the market for motorcross, but also for very long distance journeys on public roads! So, the powerful Suzuki DR-Z 400 E, which has been feeling in the early 2000s, is far from being overwhelmed by enduro motorcycles! This is a motorcycle set in the racing range of dual sports vehicles, equipped with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 398cc engine. It has a chain drive and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Japanese technicians have achieved great performance, working intensively on improving the design of new motorcycle categories. In these conditions, the Suzuki DR-Z 400 S and the Suzuki DR-Z 400 SM have emerged on the Asian and American markets, with an aerodynamic design that is more adaptable to off-road driving conditions. Achieve success Apart from the original models launched, Suzuki is categorically deprived of its main competitors, the success achieved by the Nippon being crowned with the awarding of several distinctions, obtained at the occasion of national or international motorsports. Specifically, Suzuki has recently won two awards at the Auto Trader Awards ceremony, with the organizers being fascinated by the design of the new GSX-R1000R motorcycle and the new V-Strom 650. The new superbike offers a wide range of derivative technologies, similar to the Moto GP, and features an intelligent valve adjustment system. Under these conditions, the new GSX-R is able to produce a torque at medium speeds without rebelling at full power. The model won the first prize for the best motorbike last year. The V-Strom 650 also combines the supreme distinction for the best adventure motorcycle. A complete service and repair guide For any respected manufacturer, providing a practical repair guide is the complete picture that encompasses the business card of a company run by professional people. More specifically, the Japanese company has produced a Suzuki repair manual, which has the meaning of all motorcycle drivers, regardless of the experience in the motorcycle race. Such a guide can be consulted and downloaded for free, repair-manuals being the one website with the largest database for Suzuki repair manual and any other motorcycle repair manual or service manuals. For your safety while traveling, choose manufacturers that have had notable performances over the years. So, you have all the puzzle pieces to come to the conclusion that Suzuki motorcycles are among the best-rated brands.