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Vand - Statistics & Analytics Script (based on Aardvark)

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I'm selling WTStats (Web Traffic Statistics) script.


What does the script?


Count the traffic from a registered website and give details about the following:


- Shows the visitors of the counted website in Real-Time. new

- Top Browsers (Show what browser uses the visitors)

- Top Country's (Show from where the visitors come) (Chart included)

- Top Operating System (Show the visitors operating systems)

- Top Best referrers (Show wich websites are the best referrers)

- Top used resolution (Show's the resolution of the visitors - e.g. 1280x800)

- Top Search engines

- The latest 10 visitors (or more) (This mod is based on Mark's mode but with the ip's and country's included in the databse for speed, and another ip render).

- The best keywords (Show wich keyword are the most used by the visitors that land on the monitorised website)

- Traffic type comparisons: Compares different type of traffic wich was delivered to the website.

- Traffic comparisons: Displays comparisons charts and % of the traffic.

- Graphs and charts on every statistic page.


Features (including all from the above )



- Cross-browser compatible.

- Every statistics have it's own page.

- Registration with reCaptcha

- Advaced Private Statistics for the users (hide all, or only certain statistics).

- MultipleButtons, you can set multiple flavours of buttons for your users so they have to chose from.

- Possibility to change the admin password from the Admin Panel.


Price: 9

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