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[L2 Freya] L2GameBox

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GameBox Community invites you to join the new added Lineage2 Server.


-> L2 UCP: http://lineage2.gamebox.ro

-> How to connect: http://lineage2.gamebox.ro/how-to-connect

-> GameBox Forums: http://www.gamebox.ro/forums/


Server Info:


Exp: 15x

Sp: 15x

Adena: 15x

Spoil: 10x

Drop: 10x

Quest: XP/SP Reward: x10

Quest: Adena Reward: x15

Quest Item Reward: x1

Common Item: x3 chance

Hellbound Points x10

Raid Boss: 5x chance 1x amount



GeoData / Dynamic PathFinding

Antibot/Antihack with LameGuard

1 main + 1 box Allowed

- Isle of prayer

- Hellbound Isle

- Freya Skills

- Freya Buffs

- Offline shops

- Gracia Raid Bosses

- Gracia Continent on constant updating

- Epic bosses AI on constant updating

- Siegeable Clanhalls on constant updating

- Retail like olympiads

- Kamaloka / Pailaka implemented

- Pailakas (Fortress/Castle Instances)

- Vitality system

- Augmentation system

- Territory wars

- Fortresses

- Enchants max 25 / safe +3 / rate 66%

- Game Server will be constantly updated

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