Loco Dice / Livio & Roby - A Desolat Romania Tour @ Club Midi


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Loco Dice

Se stie deja ca Loco Dice este unul dintre cei mai entuziasti promotori ai scenei de club din Romania si ai artistilor romani la nivel international. In cadrul feature-ului de pe Resident Advisor din categoria "Under The Gun", Loco Dice recomanda o piesa lansata la Cecille, produsa de duetul romanesc Livio & Roby.

"Piesa asta de la acesti romani (n.r.: Invers de Palma a lui Livio & Roby) are un beat foarte greu cu cateva voci greu de definit in momentele de breakdown. Creste constant, si la un moment dat...boom! Oamenii din Romania sunt foarte deschisi la minte; cred ca este din cauza ca Romania este una din ultimele tari devenite libere. A fost foarte dificil pentru romani sa cumpere discuri pentru foarte mult timp, asa ca atunci cand a aparut internetul, s-a schimbat totul. Imi amintesc de Rhadoo, Pedro si restul gastii de la Circo Loco care erau pe ringul de dans, indiferent de cine era la pupitru si mixa. Doar sa asculte, sa asculte, sa asculte. Inca sunt foarte avizi dupa muzica", spune Loco Dice.

Interviu realizat de Gabi Aldea (PR Club Midi)

Here's a few questions for a mini-interview. If you can do it audio or video would be better but it's ok as text also.

1. You've started as a hip hop DJ. How was this transitions over the years ?

The transition didn't take years. When it happened, when I realized the vitality and creativity of the house scene back then, I was hooked.

2. We've noticed your presence on major social networks like facebook, myspace and twitter and also we saw a blog. Nowadays many djs are present on these and also very active, some of them are quite addicted. What's your opinion about them ?

I use those channels to keep in touch with my friends and fans, keeping them updated, letting them know what's going on. Blog gives me the possibility to instantly act and comment things, say thanks to clubers and promoter for some amazing nights etc. We live in a world where information is spread very fast and from that point of view I really enjoy it. But for me it's not a replacement for club nights, meeting people in real (...) - it's just an extension of possibilities.

3. You've been at Club Midi for 2 times now. What do you think about the club, how do you feel among the romanian party people and how would you put the club on the electronic music clubs world map ?

It's always great to see passion invested in the club - from the staff and the crowd - which makes you feel really good at the time being there and motivates you to do your best. The crowd knows how to party but the crowd also knows the music - and when the mixture is right, Midi nights are definitely one of the best I've experienced.


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