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RamBase 15x Server

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RamBase 15x is the lastest addition of L2 servers and is based on L2J project.

It is absolutely FREE to play and there is NO DONATION system.


Server Client - Gracia2Final

Server is following retail standards with a few customs of our own to suit out players better , so if it is not in this list , it is retail like.


Server opened: September 29th, 2009.

Other rates/specifications:

Ramsheart - party 2x, spoil 15x , quest drop 15x

Enchanting chance: default 66%

Champion Mobs - Enabled

DualBox allowed;

No Botting (L2walker ,etc);

Free class change;

Vitality System;

Subclass free;

NPC Buffer - 1h buffs

Mana Drugs

MasterOfEnchanting Event;

Other Events by GM;

Safe enchant +3 (+4 Full Body Armor);

Zariche / Akamanha retail style;

Masterwork skills working;

NO custom areas/ drops / mobs / items;

Manor System.

HellBound (HB, Steel Citadel, Crystal Caverns, Darkcloud Mansion)

Kamaloka and Pailaka for all levels.

And many more...

The server has a new and dedicated staff, no corrupted GMs and it's based on L2 experienced players. Come join us for a very pleasand experience.

You will love this server for sure. Hope to see you in game.




http://www.rambase.ro/site/ :P

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