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Magical Beings of the Realm

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Welcome to Portalia's bestiary! :lol2:






Writings here will allow you to find out more about what sort of creatures you may encounter in your journey. :P :) :lol2: Take time to seek some of their pictures or even visit the humble zoo and botanical garden we have... :P :) :stars:







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:crazy: ~* Akren'nia:


> It's a plant; grows straight, as tall as a human, with several flowers per individual. It does not stand agglomeration or bushes, this is why the akren'nia usually grows solitary. The flower is very beautifull and colored in any hue, dependind on the plant. Akren'nia has different uses for magic (especially healing).


> It's leaves have other properties, while from it's petals, a gelly substance like a salve can be prepared, which evaporates pretty fast in warm vapours when in contact with another liquid substace. Elves were the first to roll this gelly thing in thin leaves and approach it to the lips, so that the humidity of the mouth - or saliva - would evaporate the akren'nia salve, to be inhaled. Now, this is very important !!! The warm vapours of akren'nia petals do not have toxic effect for the body, like cigarettes do. Once inhaled, they would have a calming effect and would purge the organism from toxins, slowly regenerating cells. It's a medicine, this is why, consuming akren'nia is not smoking!


> Akren'nia rolls are not called cigarettes, but simply... *akrenias*. Remember the mecanism, that it is a salve that evaporates when in contact to humidity. It is not lit with fire, and does not burn. It does not emanate smoke and is not ill. It can be used wither as akren'nia roll (in which case the lips to the vapours and the nose inhales) or as the pure salve, applied on the wounded body (in which case, it enters the skin and the air becomes calming, as well). Akren'nia can't kill and is not poison, it does not have hallucinating effects or any bad consequences upon the body - is not a drug, don't forget.


> Other use for akren'nia: however, way too much use - exces at once, big concentrations or other ingredients specially added - can have the side effect of truth serum. The ones with a weak will may find impossible to shut up when asked something, or to speak lies and half-truths when under akren'nia's healing effects. And many can't resist this side effect, this is why lesser races saw akren'nia dangerous and spread the word that is is a poisonous plant... Totally false, akren'nia can't do any ill-things to the organism.


> Few really take this salve, anyway. Elves are the only that know how to do akrenias from akren'nia petals (other races have failed to extract the specific salve). Otherwise, it's leaves are easier to be used directly (but with a slow effect), for more common purposes: healing wounds, bleed-stop, painkiller, regenerating strenght and stamina.



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~* The werewolf:


> An weird being that comes in two shapes for one body: the basic form belongs to the original race of the individual, while ,,the other form" is specifically werewolf. These creatures were not in the world since the begining of time, they appeared sort of recently from unknown causes. However, whenever a were bites it's enemy, it will become a were as well - from the next full moon on (only if the enemy does not get killed, in which case, he stays dead). It does not matter the species bitten, any animal or humanoid may become a werewolf at some point.


> They get to keep their previous form, however, during full moons, they cannot stop the will to take ,,the other form". What they do from now on, is their own bussiness, since the will is their own (they don't go frenzy while full moon, only that they can't refuse the were form). This is necesarily a wolverine one. It is known that the were form is of a bigger wolf, stronger, more agile, taller, faster, smarter, more dangerous, cunning and deadly. Their fur can be black, brown or silvery white (as any wolf). The most experienced can learn how to juggle between these forms at any time; however, the transformation - though fast and painless - does not include clothing (torn apart when the wolf rises).


> Werewolves can have two variants of wolf shape. They can stand in four legs and hide their strong body; it's when they are hardly told appart from other wolves. Or, they can stand up un two legs (the back ones) and rise to the height of a human. Their chest becomes visible and hand muscles are a frightning sight. A were punch can cause fainting for the weak, since it's force is great.


> Claws and theeth are the most powerfull weapons of a were - bite is best to be avoided. Weres have some magical attributes too. They are creatures of the Night, and darkness is in their favour (dark woods, tunnels, etc). They are not proficient in magic, since is not a magical-based race, but might-based - only if the individual does not study some spells in particular. Werewolves also have very refined senses of smell and hearing, but are weak in sight. Another special attribute is their jumping - in were form, they can jump really high and far and climb easily all sort of things.


> And first of all, they are imune to all weapons and to any possible object that may be used as any sort of weapon (weapon strikes/attacks don't cause any bleeding wounds or wounds of any type, or too much pain). They are also imune to enchantments/spells/magics based on weapon model, or weapon source (example: magic weapon summoning, but still, a weapon; or: they are imune to weapon-based/sustained fire). Exceptions make: silver (fatal, causes severe open, painfull wounds) and some magics/enchantments that only appear weapon based but really aren't (letal traps for weres). Weapons that may hurt them are also: own theeth, own claws ! A bleeding wound, however, once made, it is extremelly painfull - as for a creature that known no pain pretty much of it's life... a wounded were will mostly always run off a battle. Poison is another easy way to get rid of them, if they swallow something poisoned. But they are best dealt with from afar, with non-Night spells (as you may never known).


> Werewolves do not mate (they are aware that the condition is worse enough withouth attracting others to it) and do not form werewolf packs. They do join, however, with other species of lesser wolves, magical or not - in which case the werewolf is the leader. And as a last detail, apparently, werewolves are vampire's worst foe. Ancient vampires had silver theeth and claws, able to slash a were's skin. Their bites, however, are not compatible. A vampire bitten by a were dies, as well as a were bitten by a vampire. There will never be a vampire were, though werewolves do have an special undead form as well.

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~* The alicorn:


> Though *alicorn* means ''the horn of the unicorn", this name has also been adopted for the magic horse race that has both a horn (unicorn) and two wings (from a pegasus) - this wings always possess (at their upper curving place) some longer endings, like pseudo-fingers, to help at being used as usual human fingers. The normal alicorn can have any colour and any combination of colours for both his skin and his wing's feathers, can fly and knows some basic magics, but hasn't any other special particularities to make them feared or faimous (maybe except their pride). They are vegetarians and rarely delight themselves with cooked food (when they are rewarded by others). The alicorn does not enter in the unicorn sub-species (togheter with some several other equine magic races). Other strange abilities and add-ons appear once with the combination with another race: half alicorn, and half another horse race (that brings some of its particularities to the mixed individual).


> As many animal species (but not all) the alicorn has it's rothik cousin, coming from another distant realm. As usual, rothiks have more hair and rely even more on magics. A distinctive sign is that rothik horses have a twisted horn, and their tail is lion-like. All of their hair, feathers and some of their hard parts (horn, hooves, theeth) are shiny.


> The undead alicorn does not miss, though it is rarelly seen.


[pictures from all types named]

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~* The raivanior:


> The raivanior is so totally a weird race. In fact, it isn't sure if it is an race at all, since there has been spoted only one male individual: the stalion Inkas'nym. This steed is the only *raivanior* known.


> A purely black horse, with velvety skin and strong muscles. Taller than other equines and much physycally stronger. It's mane and tail are shorter, to help him prevail in combat. However, it has rich hair on its legs, from knee to the ground, that covers its strong and large hooves. His eyes are shiny red. The raivanior has three strange horns, shaped like curve blades on his muzzle - they are sharp and deadly. In addition, the horse will also use its bite, since it's a carnivourus animal.


> Regardless the fact that there is only one raivanior known... it is original from the blood-red twilight realm of Vraeslor. With no light, but neither darkness: this has certain effects on the raivanior's powers. They are rather more attached to Earth magic than other darker arts. It does not know magics like spellcasting, but it possesses some good natural magical abilities. It's wild running can cause occasional earthquakes. Their neighing is dreaded.


> With all this, the raivanior can make a good friend and loyal companion if he considers so. Nobody yet tried to tame him. Little is known about Inkas'nym's personal history (how he was born, how he was raised, whom he met in older times in here, etc) but he doesn't leave his Vraeslor realm too often and doesn't enjoy noisy or indesirable guests. However, it is known that he met a mare from another equine race...

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~* Rothserphin:


> This post is strongly releated to The magic of the Conflux from the scholar area; rothserphini only are available for the Conflux organisation of magic forces.


> What's a rothserphin? This message is about to explain everything about them so pay attention or you won't understand this right!


> General information to get started: they are incredibly powerfull and large in size, however, most important !!! They are NOT treated or seen as divine and are NOT any kind of deities, thus rothserphini are NOT even by far supreme or the best the realm of the Morning Star has to offer. As such, they need food and shelter, which they get from the ones they help in exhange (a fair material trade, nothing more) - these are the places where they can be found in person and asked for answers or help, these are the places where they live and rest, NOT temples or shrines of any kind. Also, they do NOT employ servants, and their homes are kept clean by themselves. Got that? Simply, they are just another race around here that nature gifted with more than others. Nobody knows where they come from. They are only 8 of them left (their race was dying untill only the strongest prevailed); so let's take this slowly.


> Appearence:

- a rothserphin is like a dragon, with some differences

- their natural size is simply gigantic, by far more larger than any other race known just yet (larger than the ancient dragons; rothserphins had about 10 levels); however, this doesn't mean they cannot appear in public because they still have a limit.

- to ease their appearence, they used their powers to become smaller in size, so they could fit the lesser races; they also have the power to transform into human avatars at times

- they do not have 4 limbs (legs like dragons), but only 2 hand-like limbs coming from their shoulders, strong enough to sustain the rest of the body

- their tail is a very long one, to compensate for the back legs

- of course, their two large wings help them to fly high above...

- they do not posses horns of any type, but do have nice, shiny scales (and thorns in some places); also, skiny formations like crowns on their head

- the model of each rothserphini left is slightly different from one to another, depending on their passions and likings


> They were: Lazuri, Datil'Sihktu, Daiar'Khas, Liutess, Inithsing, Saphira, Ai'shres, Sien'na. The 8 were chosen after their dominating colour, and each has one of the following shades: yellow, white, red, violet, black, blue, orange, green. There is a strong link between their personality, their colour and the element/area they are proficient in.


> Artefacts: Besides their magical bestowed powers, rothserphini can give their tears and drops of blood as incredibly powerfull artefacts to whomever may ask one - those are given a riddle and whenever the answer if found right, it receives the promissed gift. The most known is the Blood Tear of Inithsing, her own unique jewel, granted for short periods of time only to those she likes best.


> How somebody may chose rothserphini to enhange his powers: Any magician and fighter is free to chose whatever combination of maximum 3 rothserphini he wants. They can provide great help in reaching goals, if the reward for their trouble if fair. The powers of the rothserphini are of such nature (mostly like any dragon-like race), that they can share it with a limited number of others. If one considers that a lesser race deserves their attention, it might just look into the matter. Rothserphini have to be announced first before an individual choses them (they can't know what one wants, c'mon...) and they can be easilly found (in their small shapes), resting within their home of choice, depending in which country or city they might be at that time. They keep a close link with all their homes that were built specially for them, so they can be reached at any of those points, regardless if the rothserphini is present or not in a specific building. Some special enhanced monuments (statues and paintings) of them work the same, as links between their resting places. Besides the relation with those structures and with the individuals they eventually chose to help, the connection of rothserphini with the outer world is drastically limited (they need to keep up with the changing realms like anybody does: informing themselves, not free of charge). Chosing of a rothserphin is not a necesity, but since they accepted to share their great powers and not to become tirans, many see this as a good boost to get started.

- Maximum of 3 rothserphini for individual, their requests are always great and no one can please more of them, not even those 3 are treated equally. The magic class of the one that chooses is different from the favoured rothserphini, and such, one can follows his own needs withouth beeing prevented by his skills. By choosing some rothserphini is is possible to be in conflict with another, but not always. One should be carefull however not to enrage another one by any means, because the destructive powers of these rothserphini are also great and can be manifested withouth lesser race mediation (as any being, rothserphini have their own feelings and beliefs).

*** The first rothserphin: it's the one that the individual likes the most and from whom he expects the most favours and power enhancements. This rothserphin always keeps an eye on the ones that chosed it's magics first, to be sure it's not betrayed.

*** The second one: it is yet another rothserphin from which an individual may want help. It's requirements are smaller, but the atributes gained are also lesser, and the link between it and the elector is barelly reviewed from time to time to make sure they still have an agreement.

*** The third: not always recomended to have one. A third rothserphin will always be treated with less than the previous two and is not likely it will accept the terms. Also, conflicts may began between it and the elector due to certain facts and to avoid further obstacles and imposible situations, a third helper is a desperate solution for the ones with great desire for power.


> As we are going to pass through each of them, you should check only some most important aspects: colour and area covered, basic arhitecture, general powers. In the document at the bottom of this message will also be details about: their specific favoured races and their levels, unique abilities, other types of castles based on their enchantments, basic ways of drawing them; as well as a short history of their choices.






~ Lazuri the golden one is proficient in areas such as Sun and Time, to which it may be added the perfect impartial judgement - amongst the other rothserphini. Metaphoric, found in the highs of the cosmos. -> He is the eldest of all other rothserphins.


~ Ally: Inithsing.

~ Enemy: Inithsing

(unique exception, Lazuri and Inithsing are opposed and allies at the same time, due to their areas and certain history)

~ Other allies: anyone could be

~ Other enemies: anyone could be

~ Basic arhitecture: uncertain, Lazuri is not well-defined as a precise organiser of it's needs and requests


~ Something else: Lazuri hasn't any precise races which he favours. Beside beeing a dragon and rothserphin king, Lazuri is chosen by most of the lesser races, gathering a large diversity. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Leadership, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Justice and by far, the sheer favourite of Lazuri is the one he'll name Sun Wing.






~ Datil'Sihktu the noble white is proficient in areas such as Air and Nobility; they also generally hold: life, light, day, skies, lightning, honour, royals, kingship, empires, cavalry, defensive, etc. Metaphoric, found in the the day.


~ Ally and mate: Saphira

~ Enemy: Liutess

~ Other allies: Lazuri, Sien'na

~ Other enemies: Daiar'Khas, Inithsing

~ Basic arhitecture: Castel


~ Something else: The sole favourite race is the human one. Human cavalry is utterly ultimate if it benefits from Datil'Sihktu's powers. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Skies, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Light and by far, the sheer favourite of Datil'Sihktu is the one he'll name Candle of Life.






~ Daiar'Khas the fiery red is proficient in areas such as Fire and Revenge; they also generally hold: chaos, hot, vulcanos, flames, lava, ash, some wars, but also passion, devotament, loyality, altruistic sacrifice. Metaphoric, found in the fire Abyss.


~ Ally and mate: Ai'shres

~ Enemy: Sien'na

~ Other allies: Liutess, Inithsing

~ Other enemies: Lazuri, Datil'Sihktu, Saphira

~ Basic arhitecture: Aelro


~ Something else: The favoured ones are the pyromancers. Their cunning ability in the fields are no match for the enemies. They can protect each other with maximum eficiency and minimum of wounds. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Fire, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Revenge and by far, the sheer favourite of Daiar'Khas is the one he'll name Abyssal Chaos.






~ Liutess the violet dark is proficient in areas such as Night and Cold Depts; they also generally hold: shadows, silence, dark and darkness, sadness, lonelyness, caves, tunnels, underground. He doesn't go to death and extreme desperation. Metaphoric, found in the night.


~ Ally and mate: Sien'na

~ Enemy: Datil'Sihktu

~ Other allies: Inithsing, Daiar'Khas

~ Other enemies: Lazuri

~ Basic arhitecture: Acropola


~ Something else: Liutess favours the species that dwell underground, thir numbers never diminishes and their dark magics are silent and deadly. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Darkness, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Depts and by far, the sheer favourite of Liutess is the one he'll name Night Touch.








~ Inithsing the black is proficient in areas such as Love, Blood and Death; they also generally hold: earth, deeply silence, things releated to death, undeath, dead and undead, cemeteries, catacombs, she punishes unfair doings. She also has poison and mistery. Metaphoric, found as etereal to death. One that angers her will now what true misery is. -> She is the youngest of all rothseprhins.


~ Ally: Lazuri

~ Enemy: Lazuri

(unique exception, Lazuri and Inithsing are opposed and allies at the same time, due to their areas and certain history)

~ Other allies: Liutess, Daiar'Khas, Ai'shres

~ Other enemies: Datil'Sihktu

~ Basic arhitecture: Nekopolis


~ Something else: Her chosen beeings are the poor undead. As such, a sum of controverse feelings are with her and the vast area of Death is intriguing. She is the only one that has the interess to listen to these lost beeings and help these unfortunate creatures untill an proper end to their misery and curse. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Blood, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Love and by far, the sheer favourite of Inithsing is the one she'll name Death Wish.






~ Saphira the blue one is proficient in areas such as Water and Research; they also generally hold: ice, cold, winter, but also calm, intelligense, wisdom, knowledge, exploration, chemistry, inventions, finding out - and magic. Metaphoric, found in water and ice.


~ Ally and mate: Datil'Sihktu

~ Enemy: Ai'shres

~ Other allies: Liutess, Lazuri

~ Other enemies: Daiar'Khas, Sien'na

~ Basic arhitecture: Academy


~ Something else: Saphira is a mage by nature, as such, magic is the only thing she is able to give further. The ones favoured by her are by far the best mages ever. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Knowledge, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Water and by far, the sheer favourite of Saphira is the one she'll name Ice Bliss.






~ Ai'shres the orange is proficient in areas such as Fight and all Non-magic; they also generally hold: tactics, nobility, exploration (due to their non-magic nature), battles, adventure, honor in fights. Metaphoric, found wherever she fits in.


~ Ally and mate: Daiar'Khas

~ Enemy: Saphira

~ Other allies: Inithsing, Sien'na

~ Other enemies: Datil'Sihktu

~ Basic arhitecture: Citadel


~ Something else: Even though she hates magic wielders and her favourites do not knows many spells, she has the unique ability to grant magical protection to any of the magical elementals (spells become unnaffective and fail in different stages of casting). The resistance gained is hardly penetrable by any means, and not even Saphira can breake this anti-magic barrier too often. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Battles, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Might and by far, the sheer favourite of Ai'shres is the one she'll name Fight Frenzy.






~ Sien'na the wild green is proficient in areas such as Nature and Natural things; they also generally hold: wilderness, animals and plants, woods, elves, and a series of nature-releated atributes: calm, harmony, peace, fidelity, happyness, etc. Metaphoric, found in the wild.


~ Ally and mate: Liutess

~ Enemy: Daiar'Khas

~ Other allies: Inithsing, Ai'shres,

~ Other enemies: Datil'Sihktu, Saphira

~ Basic arhitecture: Sylvan


~ Something else: Sien'na may not be powerfull in attacking with might or magic, but one thing is certain: she gave every piece of Nature that she had to her favoured ones: animals, plants and elves. When in a natural and lively region, nature-lovers are almost invincible, by the wrath of wilderness. The specific *reprezent* is Reprezent of Wilds, the specific *avatar* is Avatar of Equilibrium and by far, the sheer favourite of Sien'na is the one she'll name Nature Call.

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~* The pyromancers:


> Pyromancers are widely known as the best sorceres of Fire and his principal sub-elemental, Chaos. All their magic powers and weaknesses gravitate around their attraction to the red, hot, living Fire. Are mostly dependant to the magic of the Conflux, since their home is in the Land of the Morning Star. Other aligned elementals and areas the are profocient with are mostly the same as the ones that Daiar'Khas the rothserphin is good at: lava, magma, ash, burst, explosions, flickers, hot, warmth, vulcanos, fiery depts; but also fierce loyality, personal sacrifice to protect the others, great sense of law-justice (outlaws are severely punished) even though they dwell with Chaos too (for the others, maybe) and they take great responsability with family values. They live in the city of Alafalul, roughly carved on the masive vulcanos of Krestalul. Some of them even prefere the large hole under the vulcanos, known as the Abyss (another entering to the great tunnel of Nuyanon, the Abyss is a gateway to another portion of the city Alafalul, that forms vast caverns far below the visible vulcanos, near their magma heart). Here dwell the most bizzare pyromancers. It is said that once, they found the sword of Ev'Vraeslor (Epoch of Chaos) and adopted it as a symbol of kingship. When they lost it, they forged the fiery SureFire to take its place, but unfortunatly, this fire blade was also stolen from them and pyromancers never crafted another one. Mabe they can offer a reward for whomever returns one of them back to Alafalul.


> The pyromancer is a totally separate race; not all fire wielders are pyromancers! Their members have reddish skin and usually shiny red, orange or yellow eyes, dress in red or golden scales (for waist and below) and usually have a bunch of uncombed red-to-black hair... another caracteristic is that all their members, regardless their distinctive shape, have wings and tails (2, 4 or 6 wings, with 1,2 or 3 tails). Nobody has horns! The surface pyromancers (on the carved vulcanos) mostly resemble humans, and their face is quite attractive. However, more powerfull pyromancers live in different levels of the Abyss hole, from level 1 to the 20th, which is the bottom of the pit (temperature rises to almost umbearable values for normal humans). This race has several sub-divisions regarding basic shape, so, while many still resemble the human form, there are also some large beings that are more animal-like. Many are called simply beasts, fiends or abyssal pyromancers, and their magic classes or role in their society vary from one to another (like gate keeper, jailor, sorcerers, chaos knight, vulcano masters, etc). Pyromancers are also considered their specific gargoyles that were once unfortunate humans (stone, marble, onyx, lavarock, etc). Occasional "Guests" of the pyromancers are the dying races (that have less and less members) of aprishai, zilantir, zatrakaj, sighecon, condoroth and dir'langr, that may be periodically found in the upper city of Alafalul. Certain sub-races of phoenixes, fiery nightmares and varieties of red dragons can also visit Alafalul.


> Their kingdom stretch as far as Krestalul vulcanos go, no further. There is also the human village of Veoltaja that may be governed by the pyromancers, since the inhabitans mine red phe'erha'a crystals from their vulcanos (there is a deal between them). Kingship of pyromancer city is the same as the kingship of their race. They only choose men for the position of king, however, the leader judge is always a woman (and these two must not be from the same family). The king used to wield a most powerfull fire sword in the city and rules everything, from army to every bussines the city/race has (excepting justice). If it does not comply with the pyromancer's nation demands, it is easily dethroned and replaced. However, the king does never interfere with justice - only if it is required so. This is the head judge's purpose and job, which is just a little bit away from supreme power also, since it's she who decides he punishments for whatever crime she has to solve, and the king has nothing to say in this matter... excepting the times when the nation asks so (rare). The other positions in society come after the king and judge leader (the gate/city keeper, mostly same as the jail keeper, is the third in rank, and then come the generals and sorcerers). Each differen race division has it's own leader. Women are forbidden to fight in melee army, but if they want, they are allowed to learn magics to fight from affar (but their role is usually in familly, where traditions are strongly respected, and they are to assure childbirth, while the man supports the family with material needs).


> Pyromancers gave up nomad life to build up a prosperous city between the active vulcanos of Krestalul. They are found only in there, and haven't expanded their teritory any further, and such, have not reached Portalia... This race is mentioned by Rissa, she wants to become their queen, some day... if she could just find the way.

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~* Minotaurs:


> Minotaurs have been included to the ,,half-races", since it has the head of a bull and the body of a human, with massive muscles and great strenght. Also, they have a bull-tail and walk in two legs with large hooves. Minotaurs are hot-headed creatures, not too bright, which use their physycal strenght as the only advantage against any smaller opponent. They usually carry a club or an rough axe, organise in packs, and do whatever necesary to survive at an animal instinct. They can't talk, and are half-intelligent beings (and don't wield magic; their relatives, the taurunins, do). Are usually found in caves (labyrints), and roam tunnels; they exit above only when hunt for food or rampage across lands untill defeated and scattered. Minotaurs cannot be bartered with and will attack any stranger in sight.


> It is possible that an individual is only half minotaur, and he gets some other attributes from the other race as well (this is mostly a taurunin half, which comes with a bonus to intelligence...)

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~* The barbarians:


> Barbarians are most likely human too, but natural selection made them acquire a distinctive look. They are larger than even the biggest humans and also stronger. They are skilled with remedies and healing chants but generally this is where their expertise in magic stops. They have almost no knowledge of magic but they are resistant especially to mind affecting spells. Malevolent people atribute this to their stubborn nature.


> They have a close connection with nature and especially their homeland. They can tame almost any creature and are never in short supply of beasts of burden or horses (whatever the type of horse). However, most can travel perfectly well on foot, being able to run for a long time and fast when it is needed. They have acute animal-like senses. They can sense fear, nervousness and joy. They hardly ever get sick and heal very fast after they are wounded.


> Barbarians live in small communities called tribes or clans, which consist mainly of related families. They choose a leader out of the oldest warriors because they are the wisest. They don't bow to just anyone but they have the sense to follow wise rule.

They have a rich folclore, mostly made up of legends about gods and ancient heroes and their great deeds. Barbarians are formidable warriors skilled with all classes of weapons including bows and crossbows. However, their weapon of choice remains the axe and they elevated their craft to art. Usually their weapons are enchanted and inscribed with runes from the gods to give them greater power. Because of their commitment to the gods, some barbarian tribes have been assigned to guard artefacts and holy sites.


> Barbarians are found either in mountainuous regions, where they can cope with the cold very well or in rocky deserts. Usually, where another race doesn't want to live, you'll most likely run into barbarians. Perhaps this is an instinctive way of avoiding territorial fights with other races. And it's never recomended to take them at face value...

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~* Gnomes:


> Gnomes are one of the small uncrossed humanoid races (along with dwarves and halflings mainly). They are short of stature, but very skilled and are generally renowned as inventors (even of oddities and excentricities), artisans (the craft of golem-making, for instance, is of gnomish origins) and talented wizards.


> They prefer to live either way up North or in high mountain regions, as they thrive among ice and snow. Thus, the magic they prefer is that of Ice (and some Water), as well of the Mind. The little 'toys' they create (like magic deck of cards, for instance) rely on such magic, sometimes called Illusionism.


> Gnomes have the weirdest sense of fashion, which makes them stand out even in the most crowded and colourful human city: they wear bright colours which they mix in dazzling combinations. For a non-gnome, they can be a tiring companion, but are valuable as such because of their knowledge, inventivity and obviously magic. They live in rather closed communities that don't willingly share their secrets. Those who wander far from their homes have generally a good reason for doing so (though few exceptions have been known).

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