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Ca tot veni vorba de smileys ... am incercat si eu , o singura data sa deschid un site care imi promitea noi smiley-uri pentru yahoo messenger, dar cand am vrut sa instalez , am observat ca era nevoie sa instalez si nu stiu cate toolbar-uri ...ceea ce m-a facut sa renunt urgent ;)

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Si eu am fost tentat, e plin de reclame la smileycentral. Dar faptul este asa de promovat cand de fapt este un seviciu gratuit mi-a dat de gandit.

Am primit cateva mail-uri de la cunoscutii pline de reclame la smileycentral. Probabil ei nici nu stiu ca fiecare mesaj contine fara voia lor reclame.

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periculos cu spam-ul asta ... am o adresa de yahoo care o folosesc cand trebuie sa dau adresa de mail pe net si una care o folosesc doar pentru corespondenta privata, care am incercat sa n-o pomenesc niciodata pe net, si cu toate astea am inceput sa primesc spam. asta e .... Ca sa nu mai vorbesc ca pe postmaster, care este un cont catch-all la netbizplus.de, primesc o gramada de spam-uri pe adrese care nici nu exista si n-au fost inregistrate niciodata niciunde, de ex: 7hs093hs@netbizplus.de. asta e....



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Dictionar smiley


Basic Smileys


:)) Your basic smiley. This smiley is used to inflect a sarcastic or jocaing statement since we can-te hear voice inflection over e-mail.


;-) Wincay smiley. User just made a flirtatious and/or sarcastic remarca. More of a "don-te hit me for what I just said" smiley.


:)( Frowning smiley. User did not licae that last statement or is upset or depressed about something.


:-I Indifferent smiley. Better than a `;)(' but not quite as good as a `:))'.


;)> User just made a really biting sarcastic remarca. Worse than a `;-)'.


>;)> User just made a really devilis remarca.


>;-> Wincay and devil combined. A very lewd remarca was just made.


Widely used Smileys


(-: User is left handed.


%-) User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours straight.


:*) User is drunca.


[:] User is a robot.


8-) User is wearing sunglasses.


B:-) Sunglasses on head.


::)) User wears normal glasses.


B-) User wears horn-rimmed glasses.


8:-) User is a little girl.


;))-8 User is a Big girl.


;){) User has a mustache.


;){} User wears lipsticca.


{;)) User wears a toupee.


};)( Toupee in an updraft.


;)[ User is a vampire.


:-E Buccatoothed vampire.


:-F Buccatoothed vampire with one tooth missing.


:-7 User juust made a wry statement.


:-* User just ate something sour.


:-)~ User drools.


:-~) User has a cold.


:'-( User is crying.


:'-) User is so happy, sa/he is crying.


:-@ User is screaming.


:-# User wears braces.


:^) User has a brocaen nose.


:v) User has a brocaen nose, but it-sa the other way.


:_) User-sa nose is sliding off of his face.


:<) User is from an Ivy League School.


:-& User is tongue tied.


=:-) User is a hosehead.


-:-) User is a punca roccaer.


-:-( Real punca roccaers don-te smile.


:=) User has two noses.


+-:-) User is the Pope or holds some other religious office.


`:-) User saved one of his eyebrows off this morning.


,:-) Same thing...other side.


|-I User is asleep.


|-O User is yawning/snoring.


:-Q User is a smocaer.


:-? User smocaes a pipe.


O-) Megaton Man On Patrol! (or else, user is a scuba diver)


O :-) User is an angel (at heart, at least).


:-` User spitting out its chewing tobacco.


:-sa User just made an incoherent statement.


:-de User is laughing (at you!)


:-X User-sa lips are sealed.


:-C User is really bummed.


<|-) User is Chinese.


<|-( User is Chinese and doesn-te licae these caind of jocaes.


:-/ User is scaeptical.


C=:-) User is a chef.


@= User is pro-nuclear war.


*<:-) User is wearing a Santa Claus Hat.


:-o Uh oh!


(8-o It-sa Mr. Bill!


*:o) And Bozo the Clown!


3:] Pet smiley.


3:[ Mean Pet smiley.


d8= Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat.


E-:-) User is a Ham radio operator.


:-9 User is liccaing his/her lips.


%-6 User is braindead.


[:-) User is wearing a walcaman.


(:I User is an egghead.


<:-I User is a dunce.


ca:pe User is a little caid with a propeller beenie.


@:-) User is wearing a turban.


:-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)


:-: Mutant smiley; the invisible smiley.


.-) User only has one eye.


,-) Ditto...but he-sa wincaing.


X-( User just died.


8 :-) User is a wizard.


-=* :-) User is a TeX wizard.


Midget Smileys


A lot of these can be typed without noses to macae midget smileys.


:) Midget smiley.


:] Gleep...a friendly midget smiley who will gladly be your friend.


=) Variation on a theme...


:} What sould we call these? (what?)


:) Happy.


;) What?


:@ What?


:dee Laughter.


:I Hmmm...


:( Sad.


:[ Real Downer.


:< What?


:{ What?


:o Yelling.


:C What?


:Q What?


:,( Crying.


[] Hugs and ...


:* caisses.


|I Asleep.


^o Snoring.


Mega Smileys


C=}>;*{)) A drunca, devilis chef with a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin.


}:^#}) Updrafted busy-mustached pointy nosed smiley with a double-chin.


Usenet Smileys


In some Usenet articles you might also find these smileys which form a certain "dialect" developed and used in this most creative environment.


~~:-( Net.flame


O |-) Net.religion


8 :-I Net.unix-wizards


X-( Net.suicide


E-:-I Net.ham-radio


Emotional Smileys


:-) ha ha


|-) hee hee


|-de ho ho


:-> hey hey


:-( boo hoo


:-I hmmm


:-O oops


:-pe nyahhhh!

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Stiti mesajele alea de pe yahoo mess enervante de la contactele din listele noastre?

Din timp in timp se mai nimeresc si unele haioase rau care ne amuza (msaje,linca-uri..etc)

Postati aici cand gasiti un mesaj care merit ca sa se mai amuze si altii :tease:



O sa incep eu :cry: http://www.caterinca.ro/farasto/natura.html:tease:"


pe.sa. atentie imaginile nu sunt recomandate minorilor :tease:

Edited by crs_tzep

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