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We are made of God's sperm. According to Lily Anne, who would like us to think that she quoted Mircea Eliade.


On the other hand, I liked one of Blaga's poems; it went like this (excuse the translation, I ain't a fully qulified translator yet :yes:):


The light I feel, rushing in my chest when I see you.. might it be a drop of the creation's first daylight, of that light so depply thirsty of life?

The naught was laying in agony, lonely afloat in the darkness, when the Uncoceivable demanded: "Let there be light!".

A sea -a lunatic whirlwind- of light there was: a thirst for sin, for yearns, for impetuosity and fervour, a thirst for light and sun.

But where that blinding light did go - nobody knows?

The light I feel rushing through my chest when I see you.. maybe it's the last drop of the first day's light..


... far from perfect, but you can get a rough idea. My point is, when I see Someone, I really understand Lucian's feelings.. :tease: yes, some of us would better be made of light, instead of decaying flesh and bones..

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not just made of sperm i hope!!

was just kiding d'ooh :(

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