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INTERLUDE PVP 5000x 2 days on

Postări Recomandate started Friday!



Some information about the server


Chronicle: Interlude (Others may call T0 or C6)

Registration: in website





Buffer (buffer+scheme buffer)

Class Changer

PK/PVP Top 100 NPC

Anti pk guard (teleports for 2min to jail)

SUB Class All in One NPC

Enchant Skill All in One NPC




Rates x5000

No custom items

20sec teleport protection

Only 1 box allowed from 1 IP Address

Anti heavy protection

Offline shop system (just put your sell shop and exit the game)

Wedding system

Giran castle siege every Sunday 18:00 GMT+2

Retail olympiad (teleports out of olympiad immediately after the fight)

Dualbox in Olympiad protection

Protection from exiting olympiad fights (immediately takes points from the leaver)

Nick coloring system(150PVP=Green;250PVP=Orange;800PVP=Grey;2000 PVP=Yellow;5000PVP=Dark Green)

Clan add rep item (from 5 clan level, adds 1000 rep points to a clan)

Account protection system(Shows last ip which was using your account)

Stackable enchant scrools (Enchant scrolls take 1 slot in inventory like in higher chronicles)

TVT Event everyday 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 22:00

DeathMatch Event everyday 09:00, 12:00, 17:00, 21:00

GM Events




Safe: +7

Max: +18 (Bgrade +12)

Max from events/donate: +20

Max oly enchant: +18 (if you are teleported to oly with +20 items, they will still add effects only as they would be enchanted to +16)

Chance Enchant Simple Scroll: 85%

Change Crystal Scroll (you can get it from RB or events): 95%

Chance Blessed Scroll: 80%

You can enchant Hero Weapons

Items stay +7 if they burn when you enchant them with Blessed scrolls




Main town Giran

Lvl up

Adena (PVP only) 1,2,3

Adena (PK/PVP)

PVP (Lifestone drop)

Raid boss zone (Raids drop 95% Enchant scrolls)


Other information:


Server is offline for maintenance mode every Saturday 10:00-12:00 GMT+2

Max subclass:5

Max members in clan 30, max clans in ally 2

No S grade penalty

No weight penalty

Auto pick up

Olympiad everyday 18.00 - 24:00 GMT+2

Olympiad change every Saturday 15:00 GMT+2

Oly validation period 24 hours

Buffs 9 hours, max buffs 48 (+4 slots for debuffs)

Auto class change table at 20,40,76 levels

Fully working geodata

Fully working augmentation system

Augment skill chance 25%

You get Noblesse Coin after you log in

And that is not it! This list will be updated recently, so do not miss all those cool features and join us NOW! Stay tuned!

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