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[L2J] L2 HardStyle 50x - Freya server - (Best Free Server) BETA NOW LIVE

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Currently, L2 Hardstyle is a unique pvp server, with one world. Lionna 50x has been worked and reworked from 5 months and still is until official lunch! Nowadays Lionna is


hosted with the following specification:


Intel Core i5-2400 4x3.1+ GHz

16 GB DDR3 Memory

2x 2TB - SATA2


DDOS Protection NEW


Our goal is to provide you a stable, lagless, enjoyable environment with the cost of in game balance.

We will be fully operative has concerning for updates, feedback, support, and being originals from other server with our own programming language and Knowledge.[/b]



Website :

Forum :


We list some features for you to understand what Lionna 50x is all about:



Quick overview


Before we start, i would like to warn you, we are going to insert lame guard into the server. If we achieve, after finishing reworking Lionna, we are going to use it inside

it. So you are going to get free of the use of 3rd party programs. For now server is totally secure of L2phx, already checked, as well as walker lower versions.

We will not include in this list retail features, because you already know them, so just going to explain our custom and modified list.



So what's the different about L2 Hardstyle from all servers?


50x Pvp Server:

  • XP Rate: 50x NEW
    SP Rate: 50x NEW
    Party Multiplier: 2x NEW
    Drop Rate: 1x NEW
    Spoil Rate: 1x (not too much important for our Server) NEW
    Adena Rate: 50x NEW

Safe Enchant: +4

Max Enchant Weapon: +16 NEW

Max Enchant Armor: +10 NEW

Enchant Rate: 33%

Bleesed Enchant Rate: 66% NEW

Enchant Elemental Stone Rate: 50% NEW

Enchant Elemental Crystal Rate: 30% NEW

Maximum PK to drop: 3

Buffs: 2 Hours

Highly secured server.

Experienced Team. (Just try us...)

Stable / Free of lags (until further notice, we will help you in all ways we can)

Antibot System. (as we said before)


Sub Class max lvl: 85

Player maximum Sub Classes: 3

Siege times: UK Time - 2 in 2 weeks siege

Olympiad Period: 2 Weeks

Cov and Magnus Chant: 20 minutes

AIO Cov and Magnus Chant: 2 Hours

Auto Vote Reward System (Topzone / Hopzone / Gamesites) NEW

Custom Server Informer NPC

Custom Farm Zones

Custom Events

Custom NPC Buffer

Custom GM SHOP

Custom Nobless manager

Custom VIP Teleport

Custom Chaotic Zone

Custom Clan Ring & Mastery Ring. (if you dont know what is L2 Hardstyle)

PVP & PK Reward System NEW




Gameplay Features:


Pavel Ruins

Pavel Ruins is the first farm place where you go once you reach lvl 76 or lower.

Here you can farm S grade exchangeable items (S Tokens) which will allow you to buy from GM SHOP all S grade accessories (Weapons and Armors).



Forgotten Temple

Forgotten Temple is a mystical place where you can farm Dynasty exchangeable items (Dynasty Leafs) which will allow you to buy from GM SHOP all Dynasty accessories (Weapons

and Armors).





Monastery of Silence

MOS is another gorgeous looking place, which will allow you to farm Vesper exchangeable items (Vesper seeds) which will allow you to buy from GM SHOP all Vesper accessories

(Weapons and Armors).



Mitril Mines

Mitril Mines are a big, huge, rocky place (mountain, sort of), transformed into a mine. This mine was changed and revamped with new mobs since the release of Gracia

Epilogue client. We deleted those mobs, and revamped yet again with balanced stats so all community can farm inside them. That

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Race to AIO Lineage 2 Hardstyle Event (Grand Opening - This Saturday, 1st October at 16:00 UK Time (BST))


A new event from the creators of L2 Hardstyle is about to Start! This new event will be run from October 1, 2011.

Gods from all over Ivory Tower are taking over AIO's Buffers. Its up to you to save them!

You will need to get level 78 and get Noblesse before its too late...





How Can I Help Stop the Gods Stealing?

You will need to level up until level 78 and obtain Noblesse. The more Noblesse players, the less power the Gods will have, so you can defeat them.


What are the Rewards?

Ok so rewards are the following:


- 1st player to get level 78 and Noblesse: 1 month AIO Buffer

- 2nd player to get level 78 and Noblesse: 3 weeks AIO Buffer

- 3rd player to get level 78 and Noblesse: 2 weeks AIO Buffer


How Can I check if im one of the 3 first players?

Once you reach Level 78 and be Noblesse, you need to take a screenshot, and post at our Forum here as reply, showing your nobless status and

Level 76 and some reference to Hardstyle Server, like Chaotic Zone.


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