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The World - Mid-Rate High Five Lineage II Server


Visit us at


-=Server Rates=-


XP - 50x

SP - 50x

Adena Drop - 50x

Items Drop - 10x

Quest Item Drop - 10x

Quest Adena/Material Reward - 10x

Spoil - 20x

Epic Jewelry Drop - 10x

Weight Limit - 3x

Safe Enchant Limit +3 (+4 for fullbody)

Maximum Enchant Limit +16

Olympiad Enchant Limit +6

CP/HP/MP Recovery - 1x (retail-like)

Weapon/Armor/Jewelry Normal Enchant Chance - 66%

Weapon/Armor/Jewelry Blessed Enchant Chance - 66%

Attribute Stones Enchant Chance - 50%

Attribute Crystals Enchant Chance - 30%


-=Working Retail Features=-


Class Skills, Damage and Resistance calculation - static damage from focus/force charge skills, buff cancel skills working retail-like, buff cancel resistances working retail like (only L2 Off servers have this).

In-Game Mail System with the new H5 interface.

Item Broker Auction with adjusted prices.

H5 Olympiad Instanced Stadiums with perfect Geodata.

All types of reflected damage counting towards overall damage dealt in Olympiad (no other server has this implemented).

H5 Hunting Grounds, with fully working monster skills and new item drops/spoils - get things like Giants Codex, Forgotten Scrolls, Top Life Stones, Attribute Stones and Attribute Crystals from more hunting grounds and monsters than ever before!

H5 Updated Noblesse Quest - new places and mobs for Crimson Moss and Succubus Claws - ingredients part gone - alternative way of obtaining Rain Song Staff (killing Barakiel part).

Sel Mahum Training Grounds all monsters spawned with working quests.

Raid Bosses stats, skills and drop updated to H5

Epic RB H5 drop added - RB cloaks and headgears.

Instanced Epic RBs - Zaken Night, Day and Day 83 - Freya Easy and Hard modes

Seven Signs Epic Quest Series

H5 Raid Boss Weapons - droppable from the appropriate RBs, enchantable, can add SA and PvP bonus to them.

Chambers of Delusion instances.

All Gracia Seed instances.

Complete Hellbound with all stages - pre-set to level 11 for players convenience.

Town shops all updated to H5 retail items and prices.

Exchangeable Attribute Stones for Attribute Crystals at Attribute Manager NPCs in Aden and Rune.

Arena Manager NPCs updated to High Five.

Cursed Weapons - enjoy Akamanah and Zariche once more.

Most quests working - we keep fixing and adding new ones all the time.


-=Custom Features=-


Unlimited accounts per player - multibox as much as you like.

Class changing option + Class Changer NPC - no need to do profession change quests.

Subclasses without doing the quest.

Subclass Certification Skills without doing More Than Meets the Eye quest.

Scheme Buffer NPC for both players and pets, with 2 hours buffs and improved default auto-buff sets.

Convert Crystals function at Giran's Luxury Shop.

Offline Shops script.

Restricted zones and minimum distance from players and NPCs for private sell/buy/craft shops.

XP on/off commands.

Global teleport function added to regular Gatekeepers + Global GK NPC for places without GK (i.e. Hellbound).

Buffs remain on class change, pets remain summoned on relog.

Noblesse Manager NPC - become Noblesse without doing the quest.

Daily 83+ Solo Instance Event for all characters.

Custom "New Adena" currency which can be sold, traded with other players and stored in WH.

Special Shop NPC offering items for New Adena.

Customized Medal Trader NPC offering all Soul Crystal stages and Enchant Scrolls.

Champion mobs system - Bison mobs.

Server Info Central NPC - provides information about the server in-game.

TvT Event with 10 different instanced battlegrounds - Kso Baba mobs spawned for Necromancer players convenience.

Sexy custom NPC Morrigan.

Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon spawn announcements.

Wedding system - use .gotolove to teleport to your partner.

System message showing the total amount of damage dealt by each player at the end of each Olympiad match.

Adjusted fees and bidding costs for clan halls, clan hall functions, castle functions and item broker auction - according to the server rates.

Blacksmith Shadai spawned all the time at Citadel Outpost.


And some surprises which you'll find out if you join us.


-=Gameplay Environment=-


Dedicated, active and experienced staff - no GM cheating, no VIP players.

Dynamic donation system - rare and top-grade items become available for purchase only after they are crafted/dropped by normal gameplay on the server for the first time.

Basic rules only - no language restrictions in-game, no dictatorship management - botting and cheating attempts seriously punished though.

High quality server hardware.

Interactive website and forums.


Visit us at

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