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General Information


  • Instant 70
  • Proffesion Vendors
  • Socket & Enchant Vendors
  • Working Arenas & BG's
  • Scripted Instances
  • All items @ Mall
  • PvP/Work for Better Gear
  • 96% Working Spells,Talents & Items
  • Dedicated & Friendly Staff
  • High Skill Cap
  • Stable Host
  • Stable Core






Mall's Contents


So, to make this clear the mall has pretty much everything, alltough for 30% of the gear avaidable of the mall you have to fight/work for it, farming tokens, badge of justice and so on.


  • PvE Offsets - Free
  • PvE Jewerly - Free
  • Level 100 Weapons - Free
  • Tier's 5 & 6 - Free
  • S1 - Free
  • SWP PvE - Tokens & Honor
  • S4 - Arena
  • Proffesion Vendors - 2 Honor each mats
  • Gem & Enchant Vendors - Free
  • Mount Vendors - Free
  • Trainers
  • Token Exchangers
  • (...)





One of a Kind


We have all heard of Cataclysm's new classes options for most of the races, but have you heard of all classes available for all races? Well, you hear now, in Azeroth Online you can play your favourite race at any class you want, by downloading and installing a single client (takes 60 seconds).


Download Link : - Click Me -










If you want to see more, drop by at http://azerothonline.com, make an account and - ' Claim your Kingdom'

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