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The Unknown

Cum să devii sclav

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Hershey's sucks!!!

Credeam ca numai ciocolata e proasta dar se pare ca totul legat de producerea ei e o mare porcarie .Nu ma mira absolut nimic.




Tocmai am primit un email de la o f. buna prietena care traieste in Texas.Am decis sa o reproduc aici intocmai pt. a aduce un alt exemplu legat de actuala situatie de azi din USA care pt. cei mai multi de fapt reprezinta o mare problema de viata.


Thanks for being understanding . Your comments help. I have to concentrate on working and so far I have met with an English teacher he is Mexican but grew up in the USA he said he will introduce me to a lady from a school. He also suggested I take a TOEFL test so I can be allowed to teach in schools. He says they bring the teachers from England to give this test so I have to study also the vocabulary and spelling. He explained to me how American English and British English are different in these areas. He also suggested I can translate documents he says there is more money in translating then in teaching. And today I am meeting with a person from a Tourist Agency. The lot I have in Merida I had an idea but I am not sure yet how I will work it out. But I thought maybe I sell it to start some kind of business, I will think about it first before making decisions.


When I was in Dallas the difficulties I faced were I had no child care assistance (I was on a waiting list for 6 months to a year) and there was no transportation where I was living (no public transportation) and I got a part time job that was paying me 8 dlls an hour and I was working 22 hours a week. So I was balancing everything out. If at least there was a meaning to life everything else wouldn't be so hard. One week I gave all my salary to a baby sitter for that week because I didn't want to loose my job and I thought things were going to get better so I told myself it was okay to make money just to pay it for child care but I was staying in my cousin's house and she has problems of her own. I moved to San Antonio TX with my sister and I got a job offer in a call center. I had to be available from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week. A 40 hour job. For three weeks of training the pay was $9.50 an hour after that it would go up to $10.50 an hour. But it was inside the Military Base and the distance was far. It took me three buses to get there (one way) and three hours each way on the buses, not to mention the walking distance inside the base because they don't allow buses in anymore. If I was single without kids maybe all that time wouldn't matter. But I was thinking about all the time 6 hours on transportation and 8 for work each day something like 14 hours a day and I had to worry about my kids. Even when my sister and her girls were giving me a helping hand I couldn't rely on them all the time they too have their own lives to live and they want to have fun in weekends going out with their friends so it was unfair to think they could be my baby sitters any time or all the time for up to a year when I could get Child Care Assistance. Not only this I saw how the soil in that part of Texas has a lot of clay and with the drought they are going through the foundation in the houses brakes down and the houses shift. People have to pay a lot of money (a few thousands to get the foundation fixed). So I started thinking even when in the future one gets a house and has all this problems because the soil is bad. All these things were depressing me and I was asking myself if that was all worth it. I was also hearing things about there being a big drug consumption problem in San Antonio and in the schools, I worry about my kids. So I was asking myself all these questions. How much is it worth it to struggle in a place where I don't see much meaning in life and life is expensive. If there was something exciting to work for a goal or something all this would be worth it but there isn't anything exciting to look forward to.

I am in Campeche and it is 2 hours from Merida so it is very close and the benefit I do see here transportation is good, public transportation and the buses going into Merida and coming back. So maybe we can meet in Merida some time.


About the father of my children I think he is paranoid but we are trying to focus on the children and we are eventually going to divorce but right now we are trying to organize things for the kids their school, etc. So I balanced my problems and benefits in both places. I think that if the father of my kids helps me out with the children I won't feel bad like I was feeling bad asking my family to baby sit any time any hour after all it is also his responsibility.


I think the US is in bad shape it is even scary the way things are over there. That is great you will fix your Health Insurance. What is the movie job about? I wish you luck with work.Take care



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