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countdowntimer in javascript

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In urmatorul script am incercat sa fac un countdowntimer in javascript, dar nu reusesc sa-l fac sa imi afiseza corect. Chiar daca functia de afisare e inclusa in bucla while el imi afiseaza doar rezultatul final (cel de oprire). Va rog frumos spunetimi ce trebuie sa modific ca sa imi afiseze fiecare pas din timer.







<form name="counter"><input type="text" size="1.5" name="mm"></form>





var milisec=0

var seconds=30



function display2()






document.write(" etapa "+seconds+milisec);


if (milisec<=0)














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Nu inteleg de ce iti complici munca!


Uite aici un script care iti arata zilele si ora pana la finalizarea site-ului sau programului sau ce o fi.


<script language="JavaScript">
TargetDate = "12/31/2020 5:00 AM";
BackColor = "palegreen";
ForeColor = "navy";
CountActive = true;
CountStepper = -1;
LeadingZero = true;
DisplayFormat = "%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes, %%S%% Seconds.";
FinishMessage = "It is finally here!";
<script language="JavaScript" src="js/countdown.js"></script>


Codul care il salvezi in countdown.js sunt urmatoarele:


function calcage(secs, num1, num2) {
 s = ((Math.floor(secs/num1))%num2).toString();
 if (LeadingZero && s.length < 2)
   s = "0" + s;
 return "<b>" + s + "</b>";

function CountBack(secs) {
 if (secs < 0) {
   document.getElementById("cntdwn").innerHTML = FinishMessage;
 DisplayStr = DisplayFormat.replace(/%%D%%/g, calcage(secs,86400,100000));
 DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%H%%/g, calcage(secs,3600,24));
 DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%M%%/g, calcage(secs,60,60));
 DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%S%%/g, calcage(secs,1,60));

 document.getElementById("cntdwn").innerHTML = DisplayStr;
 if (CountActive)
   setTimeout("CountBack(" + (secs+CountStepper) + ")", SetTimeOutPeriod);

function putspan(backcolor, forecolor) {
document.write("<span id='cntdwn' style='background-color:" + backcolor + 
               "; color:" + forecolor + "'></span>");

if (typeof(BackColor)=="undefined")
 BackColor = "white";
if (typeof(ForeColor)=="undefined")
 ForeColor= "black";
if (typeof(TargetDate)=="undefined")
 TargetDate = "12/31/2020 5:00 AM";
if (typeof(DisplayFormat)=="undefined")
 DisplayFormat = "%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes, %%S%% Seconds.";
if (typeof(CountActive)=="undefined")
 CountActive = true;
if (typeof(FinishMessage)=="undefined")
 FinishMessage = "";
if (typeof(CountStepper)!="number")
 CountStepper = -1;
if (typeof(LeadingZero)=="undefined")
 LeadingZero = true;

CountStepper = Math.ceil(CountStepper);
if (CountStepper == 0)
 CountActive = false;
var SetTimeOutPeriod = (Math.abs(CountStepper)-1)*1000 + 990;
putspan(BackColor, ForeColor);
var dthen = new Date(TargetDate);
var dnow = new Date();
 ddiff = new Date(dnow-dthen);
 ddiff = new Date(dthen-dnow);
gsecs = Math.floor(ddiff.valueOf()/1000);


Nu ramane decat sa il modifici dupa placul tau.

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