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NEW Lineage2Centrum - PvP server! 1000x FREE www.l2centrum.com

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Welcome to Lineage2Centrum - PvP server!




Server Rates


XP Rate: 1000X, SP Rate: 1000X



Max Enchant Rate +25

Safe Enchant Rate +3

Enchant Rate (Normal scrolls) 66%

Enchant Rate (Blessed scrolls) 76%

Full Geodata (Freya Room working!)

Shop and Special Shop with Full PvP items

Great Global Gatekeeper

Subclass Certificates 100%

AutoLearn Skills

Change Color Title Manager

Grand RB Respawn Time NPC


L2 Day Event (with attributes and Epic Jewels for rewards)

Birthday Celebration

Astrologer and Coffee Fortune-Teller

Noblesse are buyable


Custom NPC with random respawn time in Main Towns

KE Exchange NPC


Class Master NPC

No need Quest for Subclass changing

Buff schemes with 3 hours duration

Many Events every day (TvT Event, Custom Instance Event, RaidBoss Event, Hide&Seek Event, Find&Kill Event)

Olympiad (2 Weeks/Retail-like)

Good Rewards for online players when they are voting

Balanced server with good players

Anti-Flooding Protection

Spawn Protection

100% Uptime

and more...




Server features


SERVER Features:


Weapon-Type Enhance Backup Stone/ Armor-Type Enhance Backup Stone

TVT Event Manager

L2Day Event Manager (with scrolls, attributes and epic jewels for rewards)

All skills reuse time/effect updated to gracia epilogue

New Epilogue exclusive Agathions and accesories added (over 112 agathions and hundreads of accesories, epilogue exclusives)

Mail system added. The Mail System has been added in order to strengthen the player community and to increase the convenience of item trade.

New pets and summons added: Guardian strider, toy knight, deynonichus, spirit shaman, owl monk, turtle ascetic.

MyTeleport function added

Offline shops added (make shop, log off, your shop remains online)

New accesories added, new agathions added

PvP weapons tradeable

Accesories augmentation added

Gracia Areas are Populated with Mobs

Spawn Protection 30 seconds. Nobody can hit you while porting if you don`t move for 30 seconds.

Elemental Skill Enchants added for all classes.





Freya Raid & New Areas / New Quests

PvP Changes / Clan Hall Changes / NPC Changes

Class & Skill Changes / Pet/Servitor/Cubic

Items (New armors and weapons added - PvP inclusive)

Interface / Recommendation System

Bug Fixes





Command Channel Matching. A Command Channel Matching System has been added to make it easier to organize and recruit members for a Command Channel.

Vitality. The duration between Vitality Levels has changed to increase Experience gain.

Skill Enchanting. The previous method for enchanting skills has been changed. Players no longer need to seek out specific NPC's to enchant their skills. A new button has been added to the skills window which will conveniently allow players to enchant their skills almost anywhere and anytime.

Skill Transfer. Skill transfer is designed to expand the usefulness of healers in party situations.

Hunting Grounds. A new hunting area, Delusion Chamber, has been added for players level 80 and above.

Zaken Raid Changes. The Zaken Raid has been redesigned as an Instanced Zone in order to provide more raid opportunities to more players. Players can now choose to fight Daytime Zaken or Nighttime Zaken.

Seed of Infinity Changes. Changes have been implemented to modify the difficulty and accessibility for the Seed of Infinity.

Quests. Various new quests including quests for the redesigned hunting grounds have been added in this update. Also, existing quests in the redesigned hunting grounds have had their level adjusted accordingly. Finally, daily repeatable quests have also been added.

Items. Additions/Changes to Existing Items

News Informer. The News Informer NPC has been placed in each city to announce updated hunting areas with Gracia: Epilogue, along with teleporting players to the corresponding areas, and to help complete the old quests which cannot be completed anymore due to the changes in some hunting grounds.

Item Repurchasing. The Item Repurchase system has been added to allow players to repurchase items sold to traders for the same amount that the item sold for. Buy and Sell links have now been consolidated into one link called Buy/Sell/Refunds and a single window now houses all 3 options. These options are now tabbed for convenience.

Steel Citadel Raid Boss Changes. Raid boss Demon Prince and Ranku have had their respawn times reduced. The reward has been adjusted based on updated respawn time.

Pet Changes. New pets have been added.

Manor. Due to the changes made to the monsters in the new refined hunting areas, some seeds and crops of Town of Aden, Innadril, and Schuttgart were changed.


Join now ... fresh start ...



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