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[AD] BlizzardMU | Original Season 4 | Low Rates | NO RESETS | JUST LAUNCHED !

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BlizzardMu.com - Powered by GameFobia.com







Dear MU Players,


Nowadays it is hard to find a serious and trusty low rate server, thing which made players loose their confidence when it comes to new private servers. However we can 100% GUARANTEE that this one, BlizzardMu, is a LONG TERM Server which is here to stay and I will give you one big reason why we can guarantee that:


BlizzardMU is Powered by GameFobia.com - An active online gaming network since 2006 that continously expands with more and more gaming servers and there is no reason to stop now.


GameFobia.com was first founded in 2006 starting with a MuOnline server under the name of MuDomination.com having a great succes and later on was known as NoobsWar.com when we first changed the rates after about 2 years. Later on we decided that we should open some more gameservers since we found sponsors worldwide especially from popular hosting companies such as ThePlanet, SoftLayer, NGZ-Servers, MarquisNet,etc so we changed our name into Diablo Gaming Network or Diablo-Network.com and we renamed our MuOnline server into DiabloMu.com which is still online and rocking today being active for over 5 years and there are more to come. Around 3 years ago we also launched more gaming servers for popular games such as WorldOfWarcraft, Counter-Strike, Diablo II, Red Alert 2, StarCraft, Warcraft III, and more.



Currently GameFobia.com owns over 2 MILLION accounts , over 30,000 active players every minute of the day, over 180,000 forum members and it's rated as one of the best private gaming networks worldwide.



This is the BIG reason we offer to you and I guess is enough to tell that WE ARE HERE TO STAY ... so enough with those low rate servers that wipe their database after few weeks or they shut down and going offline after few months.


BlizardMU is also thinked and created by GMO old players so everything that you ever hated on the official server is now FIXED and IMPROVED



Note: We are not selling normal/excellent/socketed gears, weapons, wings, etc so there won't be anyone with donated items to ruin the game








Server Links








Server Rates


  • Experience: 3x


  • Item Drop: 5%


  • Zen Drop: 7%


  • Spots: GMO Like where monsters are spreaded but where you can still attack multiple mobs at the same time by covering the area with a party or wizards


  • Duel Gladiators Glory: ON


  • PK Clear: GMO Like


  • Success Rates: GMO Like


  • Reset System: OFF - NO RESETS - NO WIPES


Server Features



  • 99% Bugless


  • Original Season IV


  • 3D Camera


  • Master Skill Tree


  • Ballanced PvP


  • Castle Siege


  • Marry System


  • Duel System


  • CashShop (X) and PC Cafe Shop (D)




  • Tarkan <> Arena and Stadium <> Arena Warp Gates Added


  • Original GMO Like Events and Item Drop Rates


  • New Golden Monsters based on JPN Protocol


  • 100% Guaranteed Long Term Server


  • Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2, Microsoft SQL Server 2005


  • Dedicated Server Intel Xeon E7310, 16 x 1.60GHz, 8GB DDR3, 1GBit Connection






GMO was the begining . . . BlizzardMu is the true experience


This is the motto that suits us best since we got GMO like settings but improved with a lot of fixes, better support and long time forgotten warp gates were re-added.


Join BlizzardMu Today, Join A Truly LONG TERM Server based on low rates that is here to stay years ahead from now on and that will never be wiped without a whole community decision.


You will not be dissapointed








Best Regards,


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BlizzardMu.com - MuOnline Private Server



Dear BlizzardMU Players,


Everyone was waiting for this for so long and i'm talking full responsability for the delays but sometimes personal problems interfere and simply couldn't do anything about but to add them as top priority this time since i gave all my attention to the network when i should took care of them earlier it but as promised, this update worths everything.


Major updates have been applied both to server and client but most of them reffer to server part.




- permanent xtremetop gold membership


- multiple bug fixes


- spacebar autoloot allowed only. Organize your inventory with items and potions to create 1x1 empty spaces


- gap level disabled so you may party any character of any level


- global post requirement level lowered to 10


- murderers may enter server events


- added one more extra vault for all players /ware 1, /ware 2, /ware 3


- earn 1 BlizzPoint every 2 Hours instead of 3. Press (D) inside town to access BlizzPoints Shop


- exchange BlizzPoints for Zen through /pcpoint-zen command starting level 10. 1Point = 1MIL ZEN


- earn BLizzPoints by killing the server grand bosses


- white wizard event fixed and enabled


- moss merchant event glitch fixed


- happy hour event fixed and enabled in 3 different maps


- double experience rate during the happy hour event


- marry system fixed


- marry to any character inside devias curch on low level so this includes homosexual marriage and you won't need to look for an elf or summoner


- marriage permanent exp bonus +2x when both married players are online


- possibility to trace your wife or husband starting level 100


- default golden troops number doubled so this excludes the new golden monsters as they already drop enough boks


- box of kundun drop rates fixed as they were lower than already known


- blood castle event exp bonus +1x


- blood castle event custom prizes modifications giving you the chance of getting jewel of chaos, bless, harmony, pack of blesses and pack of souls


- devil square event exp bonus +2x


- devil square jewels drop improved


- devil square invitations mix rates increased


- chaos castle ancient items drop increased depending on event level


- party zen bug fixed to default


- zen drop rate is now simillar to GMO formula


- increased box of heaven drop rate and rena success drop


- increased a bit the drop of silver medals, golden medals, heart of love and fire cracker


- blood castle and devil square ingredients drop rate increased


- jewel of life success rate increased to 80%


- calcharacter formula recalculated


- cherry blossom box drop rate increased


- polimorph ring drop rate increased


- halloween pumpkins drop rate increased




- antihack updated


- main.exe optimized


- better encription over main.exe


- make sure you run BlizzardMu Launcher in order to update and add BlizzardMu Folder to Antivirus Exception List since some antiviruses may give a false positive warning for encripted files and add them inside quarantine


Server Detailed Rates THREAD UPDATED


BlizzardMu Server Detailed Rates & Information - GameFobia Community Forums


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As we promised since the very begining ... we are still here and we will still be. Also good changes are on their way, just need to get some free time to implement them as i'm overbusy these days.


If anyone is looking for a long term exp server that won't represent any risk in db wipe or downtimes this is the place to be and i think we already proved that. No owners or corrupted gms as you may have seen on so many servers and our online players count is starting to grow once again


Also ...

Game Master & Moderator APPLICATIONS OPENED

More details by reading the news on our website http://diablomu.com

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Salutare. Revenim cu noutati




Dear BlizzardMU Players,




The major update is finally here and has already been applied to our server.




The list of chances is really big so i will include the most important ones:


- experience rate increased to a permanent 7x


- item drop rate increased


- zen drop increased


- party zen bonus drop added back


- jewels drop rate from mobs increased


- jewel of soul success rate increased


- boks item drop rate chance increased


- chaos machine mix rates increased


- elf starter buff increased up to level 200


- excellent items drop from mobs increased


- kundun ancient items rate increased


- kundun droping non-exec items fixed


- monster hp attribute revert on some mobs has been fixed


- box of heaven drop rate increased and jewel/rena chance is now 50/50


- heart of love and firecracjer drop rate increased


- gold medal and silver medal drop rate and item rate level increased


- golden archer gives new jewels, more zen and BlizzPoints


- moss merchant tax fee reduced


- some events and itembags reconfigurated and fixed


- blood castle ticket ingredients drop rate increased


- devil square ticket ingredients drop rate increased


- dataservers crashing sometime fixed


- login freeze that happend sometime has been fixed


- even more fixes and addons




If there are any problems or more suggestions to be made first please read the news inside our forum then open a new thread inside report or help section.




Have Fun!

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