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StarFall-WoW Instant 70 Fun Server

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WoW-Hazzard is not dead ! Now it runs under the name of StarFall-WoW.

World of Warcraft private server StarFaLL-WoW was born from the ashes of WoW-Hazzard, due to fights between hoster and administration team of WoW-Hazzard, we (StarFall-WoW Staff) decided it is better for all to separate from each other.

At the moment StarFaLL-WoW is running on DataBase from Hazzard, that means NO WIPE HAS BEEN DONE and all characters and accounts are intact.

We are just hopping Hazzard's population will return here, forming the community that was before.

Also we are trying to redeem the old Hazzard by adding again free custom items and custom questline.



set realmlist logon.starfall-wow.com:243


Game Version:

World of Warcraft TBC 2.4.3


Server Information:

- Instant level 70

- Malls for both factions

- Hosted on dedicated server

- Lag free

- Custom items

- Custom questline

- Friendly Staff

- World PvP

- Daily events

- Own core development, based on TC


Useful Links:

Site - http://www.starfall-wow.com/

Forum - http://forums.starfall-wow.com/

Register - http://www.starfall-wow.com/register.php


We are waiting for you ! ;)

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