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Lineage 2 Knowing Freya

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LIVE SERVER from 07.12.2010!







XP Rate: 1000X, SP Rate: 1000X

Drop Rate: 1X

Party XP: 2X

Max Enchant Rate +25

Safe Enchant Rate +3

Enchant Rate (Normal scrolls) 70%

Enchant Rate (Blessed scrolls) 85%

Shop and Special Shop

Best Global Gatekeeper

Geodata added

L2 Day Event (with attribute stones and Epic Jewels for rewards)

No need Quest for Subclass changing

Subclass Certificates 100% (Max. 3 subclass)

AutoLearn Skills

PvP Enhancement for weapons and armors (with attributes)

PvP/PK Reward System

Best PvP zones and good farming zones


Birthday Celebration


2 Ways to obtaining Vitality

Best Augmenter/Crafting NPC with all materials

New Glowing Weapons Set with nice and soft colors

Astrologer and Coffee Fortune-Teller

Change Color Title Manager

Grand RB Respawn Time NPC Fishing

Custom NPC with random respawn time in Main Towns

KE Exchange NPC

Noblesse are buyable

Wondrous Cubic are buyable (1/day)

Lottery with Great Rewards


Class Master NPC with rewards + Bonus 1GC (on the fly changing)

Buff with create schemes with 3 hours duration (30/4/14)

Events every day (TvT Event, Custom Instance Event, Hide&Seek Event, Find&Kill Event, RaidBoss Event, Town Invasion Event)

Sieges, Territory/Territory War (Retail-like)

Olympiad (1 Month/Retail-like)

Fidelity Rewards for online players (Daily)

Good Rewards for online players when they are voting

Balanced server

Anti-Pk Karma System Protection

Anti-Flooding Protection

Spawn Protection (20s)

Last Freya update (more stable version without exploits)

100% Uptime

and more...

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