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Crime Books

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Hello everybody,


As I cannot find the question I've posted few days ago and as I didn't get any answer from the forum manager, I'd like to post my message again... please execuse me..


So here comes my question:


Hello everybody,


I'm new here and as my romanian is quite rusty... I'd really prefer using my less-rusty english.


I hope you can help me -


I'm looking for a web-site where I can buy some crime books written in romanian.


It's for my mother who has just finished reading all 4 Dan Brown books and enjoyed them.


So I'm looking for this kind of books. Maybe some Boris Akunin books.


I have find some Grisham books in the following site:



Is it a recommended book store?


An english reply will be easier but I can handle a simple romanian reply as well.


Any help will be warmly appreciated.






By the way, if you have any ideas for other crime books (written by romanian authors), I'll be glad to get them from you.


Thanks & have a nice weekend.



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