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MMO games - Shaiya the best online game?

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Hiya, I wont tell u that Shaiya is the best game, but I can tell u that is the best online game I ever played! The story begin like this : `In the ancient times, there was the Goddess Etain and the three races she created.....` but u can chek it here http://shaiya.aeriagames.com/info/intro, and u can choose to fight for one of the sides light or dark, but also u can choose the caracter: - for light u can be: fighter, defender, priest, mage, archer and ranger; - for dark u can chose betwen: assasin pagan, oracle, warrior, guardian and hunter http://shaiya.aeriagames.com/guide/classes. But the best part in this game, beside fighting with mobbs to gain experience and pass to the next levels, is that u can fight the other side along with your friends. I wont write nothing more because is soo much to tell about this magnific game, soo let us fight togheter or not :suicide:) by joining in our community : https://login.aeriagames.com/index.php?q=user/register. Ooo, and btw it`s a free game!!!


Scuze va rog pentru linba engleza!

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