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Pluto in Scorpio Generation

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Aseara cautam informatii despre o persoana care are pluto in scorpion (rang I) si am dat peste (in afara de ce cautam) "generatia pluton in scorpion". Daca doriti puteti comenta, eu am adus doar aceasta informatie pentru ca este interesanta. Desigur eu sunt sceptic in privinta astrologiei si religiei; dar cu siguranta se gasesc persoane care sunt interesate de aceste texte.


"Pluto was in Scorpio for everyone on Earth from November 1983 to January 1995 (and again in April through November 1995 as well), the first time since before the Revolutionary War. Since Pluto rules and is strongest in Scorpio, our planet went through great changes and transformations during this 12-year period. This occurred not only as earthquakes and catastrophes (the burning of the Kuwait oil fields), but also in the form of transformations and increased interest in medicine, surgery, advanced healing, psychology, nuclear physics, engineering, genetics, mining, the oil industry and the occult. Basically, that which was hidden and deals with the core and nucleus of things was explored and uncovered. Powerful healers and transformatory individuals incarnated under this Sign, as well as those interested in the occult and the fields mentioned above. Intense personal change and inner transformation is characteristic of the lives of those born with Pluto in Scorpio." (sursa: http://www.myastrologybook.com/Pluto-in-Sc...rpio-Pluto.htm)



From: http://www.guidingstar.com/PlutoInScorpio.html (pluto in scorpio generation)


"Pluto was in Libra from 1972 to November, 1983. It dipped back into Libra from Scorpio, the sign it will remain in until 1995, from May 19, 1984 through August 29, 1984. Libra is a sign of conservative, laissez-faire apathy which alternates with hyperactive fear on its negative side. On the positive side, Libra is a sign of harmony, social intercourse, love, and peace. The arts flourish in Libran times.


Saturn is exalted in Libra. This means that old age and conservation are placed upon a pedestal; everyone sees the Saturnine qualities as enviable. The leaders during Libran periods tend to be old men. Since Libra is a sign of leisure and charm these old men have charming smiles and spend much of their time in leisure activities."


"Uranus went from Libra to Scorpio at the end of 1974. People's perceptions (Uranus) turned from counter culture (Libra) to rebelling against power (Scorpio). At the same time, it was widely perceived that power (Scorpio) made one free (Uranus). People perceived situations in a cynical light and were constantly wary of being screwed over -- one of the problems with Scorpio. They suddenly wanted strong, young, vibrant leadership."


"Summing up, Pluto in Scorpio has been times of cynicism, deviousness, adventure, new frontiers, and dynamism. Military adventures fought for supremacy and power between major powers on the chessboard of other, weaker states have dominated these prior Pluto in Scorpio periods. People want strong leadership during Scorpionic periods, especially Pluto in Scorpio."


(In general eu citesc carti si articole in limba engleza, online. Si atunci cand caut pe google, nu cercetez pe cel romanesc, precum nu cercetez nimic pe wiki.ro... pentru ca site-urile romanesti in general contin lacune)

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