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The Library

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Welcome to the Library of Enlightenment!

Please, proceed to one of our sections, we're sure you can find something of interest. Our displays are updated as soon as we receive new items - be they tomes, scrolls, samples or artifacts.


However, we do advise you to abide by the rules, otherwise you may find that those gargoyle statues are not just decorations in our halls. :(


Please keep the silence and do not disturb the others who are engaged in the study of our displays. :cheer:


Do not remove any of the scented herbs from their pots. As a matter of fact, donations are welcome.


If you are allergic to dust or smoke, please cast protective spells on yourself before you enter the library. Any form of spellcasting and display of magic (and might, for that matter) is stricty forbidden. :) :yahoo:


All exhibits are to be consulted in their designated rooms or the reading hall of the library. They may not be withdraws except with the written permission of the Head Librarian. :doh:


Offenders will be removed from the premises by the guardian gargoyles and will be denied entry until their case is settled by the Head Librarian. :P



Please enjoy your stay, and may you walk away a little bit wiser than you came.



PS: about those donations... The Head Librarian's office is the last on the left. Please talk to her for any submission you wish to make to the Library. Thank you. :lol:




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Realms and Places of Portalia


- Portalia

- The Slimy Toad Inn

- The Vanished City



About Magical Concepts


- The Druid

- Nekorrim

- The Magic of the Conflux



Magical Beings of the Realm


- Akren'nia

- Werewolf

- Alicorn

- Raivanior

- Rothserphin

- Pyromancers

- Minotaurs

- Barbarians

- Gnomes

- Ra'azac

- Elves

- Felix'Kasha


Magical Objects/Artifacts


- Ev'Vraeslor

- SureFire

- The Cloak of the Crownless King

- Different Magic Writings (Tomes, Parchments, Symbols)

- KarsaNeko Nekorrim

- The Armour of the Forgotten Hero

- Death's Scythe

- Phe'erha'a

- Enchanted metals (Karsantium, Karanthiri)

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