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Character: Ias

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Name: Iasulepan Vayarad (though some claim that he has other names as well)


Nickname: Ias (usually...)

Gender: Male

Race: Half rothic alicorn and half raivanior

Age: An incredibly old character. Some would say he has seen milleniums of history coming and going, while others claim that he is not from this realm. He surely has participated to some of the past glorious events, but he never revealed his true age and never boasts with his acomplishments.


Appearence: Ias is a heavy type of horse, pure black, with masive, strong body. He managed to aquire some horrible scars all over his once velvety body, which now he coveres with ruby jewels. As such, he also painted half of his mane and tail in red, to look better.

- His mother, the rothic alicorn, (special by their magic), gave him wings and a slightly-twisted horn.

- From his father, the raivanior, a type of horse from and never-ending twilight realm, Ias inherited a tall, strong and shiny-black body (especially legs), as well as other adding to his horn. Ias finally came out a pretty dark horse.


Family and relatives: He never met his father in person and the relation with his mother was distant. One day, he was found with severe wounds near a lake by Marco, the centaur. He was the one that partially healed and raised Ias.

Mate: None, and he has a certain hatred for mares. *No* is going to stay.


History/Background: The thruth is Ias ran away from home when he was just a foal. On the way, he as attacked by a Agate ancient dragon and saved by Marco in the final moment. The Agate left him the scars that would never heal entirely. After that, the centaur tought him all the basics he missed at home. When the foal grew up, an violent war took Marco away from him and Ias was left alone again. With no help and choice, he learnt the dark magics of Night and Death. When he tried to love somebody, he was hurt nearly three times before giving up his feelings for any mare and dedicating himself only to... himself. After he put straight his affairs in Ix, the country where he was raised by Marco (he was born somewhere else) Ias hit the road and now he is a wanderer again.


Personality: liking and disliking: From his father, Ias has an wild spirit and a strong will of always beeing the first in life, and maybe death. A silent nature, he likes to study old magics and new tricks as well - his way, striking deadly from the depts of the shadows of enigma. A creature of the night he became. Of an unmatched intelligence, there are few able to laugh at him and never regret it. He's pretty much alone, and mostly can be found near cemeteries. The only thing he actually loves is to learn as many about as many... to fly, to be free, and above all else... to sing. As such, the only things he really hates is not to know something in an situation and for this, all his knowledge beeing taken for granted.


Skills: whatever he knows to do by himself and what not:

- He knows to recognize and make spell of any kind when needed, though already learnt, memorized (and darn efective) he has only his old dark spells.

- Hand absence is compensated by his wing-exterity, as such, his special small feathers on the curve of his wings are used as efective fingers.

- He tried to learn to use weapons, but his magic nature made this unefective. He only knows to use succesfully a scythe, which inevitably has plenty magic enhancements to make up for it's lack of actual hacking and slashing.

- But his most dreaded power is his voice, for above all, Ias is a fabulous ,,kaj'siurandeth" (Kaj art singer).

- He never passed over the tragedies he was bestowed with. Whenever memoirs go over him, he is sentimentally vulnerable and magically instable.


Magic abilities/Magic class atributes: favours and weaknesses:

- Racial uncommon abilities: more speed, physical strenght and flight, all in one body. Natural avoidance for strong light (both rothiks and raivaniors are kinda dark).

- Learnt magic features: His basic magic class is called ,,Before I'm dead" (the second level of ,,Night+Night+Death"), while he also aquired the special magic class of an absolute Nekorrim. With those come proficiency for all Death's magic (there are only few spells, anyway) and pretty much all of Night's theory. Special skills include mastery in Kaj art - an special Night's art which's powers are hard to believe they even exist. His dark nature opposes all that is bright and extremelly happy, which are best used against him.

- Nekorrim features: He can speak with the dead (normal cadavres) and learnt in time how to use undead special dialect. Death reletead things are nothing for his powers. These dark features are boosted by three artefacts he's always carrying: a large scythe with black handle and bluish blade (posibly the faimous Death Scythe); an heavy black tome (known as KarsaNeko Nekorrum) and a black cloak, with green symbols, large enough to fit him and his stretched wings (the Cloak of the Crownless King). Nekorrim class is especially limited when exposed to exces of life, light, joy, noise and agitation.


Aspirations: more actual stuff: He wanders the world and scares his enemies. This is easy, though, his half raivanior inheritage and the nekorian features keep everybody away. He usually learns as much as he can from wherever he can, and it looks like now is Portalia's turn to be stripped naked of secrets.

- He is searching for a dark armour right now.

Alignment and Motto: Neutral Evil (based on Death's priciples almost all of the time)


Yes, I have wings, yet needeth not to fly...

Hm... sometimes, things are blurry.

But if you ever plan to die...

Stay dead...

...and buried.

Other quotas:

~ The word ,,trouble" loses it's mistey in a world where the dead wake up from their graves to kill you!


~ Silence is only for the dead, though... I understood they are very talkative these days. Hmm... nobody wants the silence anymore.


~ Enemies can erase you from from their list, Death not.


~ Death may be blind... but I'm not.


~ The dead... I always try to tell them, but they won't listen! The dead!


~ Whomever wakes me up in the morning has all the interess to run as far as possible before I come to my senses.


~ If it was born is not eternal, if it bleeds, it can even be killed.


~ We live togheter, eternity and I, untill only one prevails.


~ And still, those sad ol' times were much more happier.


~ If you are born, it really is something... but not a catastroph. If you die is a catastroph... but it isn't such a really big something....


~ Don't suffer from a permanence sindrom - everything passes or dies!


~ Friends are the only enemies that do not dare to kill you.


[ias is a character often used in my story planes, he gathers different races every time and he always plays tragic roles as the autist, the misunderstood artist, the avenger, the lost one, the beast within, the mutilated character, the king, the slave of fate, the unloved one, the dark one, the vile, the cunning, the friend and enemy, the unhappy one, even moments when he is undead, and so forth... as such, his depictions vary]

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