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Character: Rissa

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Name: Rhaisa'ris Adrienne


Nickname: Rissa

Gender: Female

Race: Werewolf (foster human, though)

Age: 21 years, born in full summer (since 6 she's a were, though, from winter)


Appearence: Due to her were nature, she has double look:

- As werewolf (animal), she looks like a bigger wolf, brown, and with dense, clean fur, always took care of. On her head and nape of the neck she has a mane-like bunch of hair, pretty much as human hair, but more tousled. Her favourite weapons are sharp theeth and dark-red claws for all four limbs. She can either walk on four legs, as a normal wolf, or get up on her back legs to make use of her well-built hands.

- As a foster human, she can still take for some periods a human form (full moon reduces this ability however) . Raised in woods and wilderness, her look is acordingly: a tall, slightly grey-skinned woman, black and long haired, with misterios look (her eyes have interesting shades), wild and attractive in her own way. She wears large, airy red clothes, easy to get rid of whenever she has to take the other form (transformation doesn't include clothes). Her underwear is specially made also, from golden-steel scales. Over this, she has a red cloak for her travels and though she wears high-heeled shoes, her walking is strangelly silent. Her blouse is generously V-necked. Her looks is of such nature, that though she may not be really that gorgeous, she is extremelly beautifull for some particulary men only.


Family and relatives: Her parents were killed when their village was attacked, when she was 6. A were bit her, while another (called Phenyang) took pity and raised her in the pack. She left after finishing some sort of magic school at 20 and now she is on the road to reach her wishes.

Mate: None yet, will look for one only after she will see her queenship dreams fufilled.


History/Background: So after she went over the tragedy with her parents and the village she was born, she learnt life's ways with a pack of weres. Her life was simple in the woods, when, at 11, she wanted to know human civilisation that she missed. 10 years she followed the Conflux, a magic school, and at 20 she left the pack, hoping one day she will be a queen of something.


Personality: liking and disliking: Rissa has a warrior nature, though opened and light-heart. She hates to be taken for granted, but she won't step back from beeing on other's nerves as well. Get's angry very fast and always had the last line so far. Sly and impossible at times. Likes to be admired, as any woman. She can be a good friend, but she find enemies faster... and she will rather be with her claws in someone's neck rather than at a table with friends. From her pack she inherited a strong family-admiration, and will respect and protect family rights and priorities above other interests.


Skills: whatever she knows to do by herself and what not:

Not too clever or intelligent, she is cunning.While studying hard many magics, Fire is her favourite. She also knows to use weapons, but is really good with the sword and lash only. She can use those in both forms. Fire tricks go best with her animal look - magic and speed. Either way, she is dangerous. Vulnerable spots would be for cold and ice (both magic and physical) and for wastelands with nothing but walking, walking, walking...


Magic abilities/Magic class atributes and favours:

- Racial uncommon atributes: good agility, wall climbing, fast reflexes, all senses well-developed, with the exception of seeing. Night is on her side by race.

- Learnt magic features: Her basic magic class is named ,,Blaze" (first grade for ,,Fire+Night+Tactics"). She hasn't aquired and special classes just yet. But her fire spells and tricks are quite the thing.


Aspirations: more actual stuff: She wants now to visit the world, starting with her realm. Now she moved onto the next one. One day, she wants to be the ruler (queen) of the pyromancers though they - sadly - only accept kings... for now.

- Is searching for a fiery sword, rumoured to be lost by pyromancers.


Alignment and Motto: Chaotic neutral


Sometimes, you are this close and yet... that far.


Other quotas:

~ If you want to fly, then fly!


~ Anything you do can get you killed... including nothing.


~ If there is the horserider withouth the head, there is a head withouth a horserider.


~ The mother of foolishness is always busy beeing pregnant.


~ Sometimes, not the runner is guilty, but the ones that do not catch him.


~ War is when everybody tries to kill everybody.


~ SureFire... ? ...hmm... is when you give a match to a pyromancer.

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> Note: Werewolf race grants her imunity to all weapons and to any possible object that may be used as any sort of weapon (weapon strikes/attacks don't cause any bleeding wounds or wounds of any type, or too much pain). She is also imune to enchantments/spells/magics based on weapon model, or weapon source (example: magic weapon summoning, but still, a weapon). Exception make: silver (fatal, causes severe open, painfull wounds) and some magics/enchantments that only appear weapon based but really aren't (letal traps for weres). Weapons that may hurt her are also: own theeth, own claws !

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