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Portalia - the series

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Here I, Seraph (aka Duro'than in Portalia) will keep you posted about what is happening in the realm of Portalia.



In a cold winter night, several unusual characters appeared at the Slimy Toad Inn.


Thorn, half elf, half human. A rogue. He has information about a long lost treasure and is looking for companions willing to help him search for it.


Duro'than - a young Barbarian who has left home to prove himself.


Rissa - a mysterious werewolf. She is looking for an ancient artifact.


Ias - an ancient alicorn and great necromancer. Also looking for artefacts to boost his powers.


Angelique - half elf, half feline. Raised as a servant after her family was killed, she has run away in search of adventure.


Ronin - an assassin. He had served a king but has been betrayed and is now a wanted man.


Thorn suggests the others join him in his quest for the legendary Vanished City, where they would certainly find immeasurable treasures.

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