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Character: Duro'than

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Name: Duro'than


Race: Barbarian


Age: 21


Alignment: He isn't evil, but can't stand being restricted by any aythority. Most likely, chaotic good.


Looks: Massive (like any Barbarian), well built, long brown hair, black eyes. He wears a deer hide tunic and a mithril chainmail, very light but resistant and a bear skin in cold weather. Light footwear, to allow him to run fast. A simple helm. His only accessories are an earring in the left ear and a bracelet on his left arm, both silver. In battle, he uses an axe encrusted with ancient runes, that confer it a tremendous force.


Character: He travels a lot and likes making friends everywhere. He is open and quite agreeable, which is unusual for a barbarian. He loves music and women (which is not unusual for a Barbarian... :spiteful: ), looks for the good in people, but doesn't hesitate cleaving their skulls with his axe in need. :P



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