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freedom, free will...

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According to Sartre, we have the feeling that we are free, but in

fact we are not.

There is freedom of conscience, in this respect the individual is

free and master of his own choices (there is free will). In fact, we

are condemned to be free ("Les Mouches"), that is we must assume

responsibility and make decisions on our own (whether we know what to

decide, whether we decide right or wrong, whether we are confused or


Conventions keep the individual away from his freedom. We are never

free of the others' judgement ("Huis-clos"), we live in a

psychological hell with people around us passing judgements on us all

the time.

The Existentialists hold that the individual is controlled by social

instances which escape his control. The social self (a surface self)

is commanded by the others and by certain circumstances.

From where does the absurd come? According to the Existentialists,

from this clash between human consciousness (which is transparent)

and the world (which is opaque, not revealing itself).

I believe the problem is, if I am free, if I can do whatever I want,

I will end up getting confused. Why? Because if God is dead (in the

sense of values), if there are no more `standards' for moral values,

how am I going to know what's right and what's wrong? If there's no

more destiny, then the responsibility will weigh all the more on my

shoulders, if I take a decision with bad consequences, then I will

end up being held responsible instead of fate and am I strong enough

to accept that?...

I only exist function of the society in which I live and according to

whose rules I must live. I must fashion and refashion myself

according to its standards, I must play a variety of roles and act

accordingly to be accepted, noticed, respected, etc.

If there is a clash of values between me and the world, then I end up

in loneliness, isolated from the world and its norms I do not want to

respect. Is this freedom?

I believe freedom is only in the mind, freedom of thought that is.

More or less, as we are largely the products of different patterns of

thought, ideologies circulating in a society at a given time...

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Freedom is a relative word and a relative case , is all coming from inside :doh: is all in your had same for power and happynes :doh:


Dont look for freedom "somewhere" out u will be disappointed :derisive:

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I agree with Sartre. I loved Les Mouches and Huis-clos. Very good illustrated the philosophic ideas. Everyone must take responsability for the choices and actions one makes.

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