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Wholesale Tenofovir Intermediates

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Our History
Hangzhou Jeci Biochem Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. We are committed to sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates, cooperative R & D, custom manufacturing, sales and service as well as import of pharmaceutical raw materials.
In China, we have a strong collaborative R&D team, working in depth with new drug research institutes and multiple custom processing plants. We have very good domestic sales channels and have long-term relationships with domestic pharmaceutical companies, including pharmaceutical applications, technology transfer, product supply, custom processing, and exclusive agents for multiple products in multiple regions. In addition, the company also provides factory quality management system certification consulting services.
Internationally, the company has long-term trade relations with India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other markets, and provides products in the whole process of market and sales services. At the same time, the company also provides API registration, consulting and sales channel expansion services for overseas companies in the Chinese market.
Our Product
Products includes the following:
鈥?Export of APIs and intermediates, collaborative R&D and production;
鈥?Registration and consulting services for APIs and intermediates in the country;
鈥?Import and distribution of APIs and intermediates;
鈥?Custom processing
Product Application
Drugs and intermediates are widely used in the following aspects (partial):
Pharmaceutical intermediate
Industrial raw materials
Chemical materials
Essential substances for the production of advanced intermediates
Production Equipment
We are able to assemble and produce larger quantities of intermediates and provide some advanced, convenient manufacturing capabilities, including batch processing and customization.
For the company's main product intermediates: We can maximize our advantages, meet the requirements of most customers and complete the task within the specified time limit.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic and overseas markets. Our expert sales manager can speak fluent English to achieve good communication. Our main sales market:
India, Japan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries as well as domestically, there are quite a number of markets, and Europe and the United States are also involved. More are waiting for you to jointly develop with me and create brilliance together.Wholesale Tenofovir Intermediates

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