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They got back to me ( I thought they'd given up) and finally asked for my bank details. The name of my bank will be Anoplura & Sparganum  (a species of louse and one of tapeworm). And as a phone number I'll give them a premium sex line (they still exist, apparently).



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I made them wait a few days and replied with my "details" (the louse and tapeworm bank, the address of Bedlam mental hospital and phone number of a phone sex line charging 36p per minute; I doubt they'll be on the phone that long anyway, if they do call). "Aisha" quickly emailed me asking how I was doing

It's tremendous fun making things up by the minute and replying with just any nonsense.

I wonder if they ever reply to swear at me for wasting their time. If not, it's been almost 2 weeks of it, so not bad. If anyone wants to take this up as a hobby, there's a website called mugu; you just enter your email there (created specifically for this) and within hours you start receiving emails from scammers. I got another 2 today and laughed my arse off replying to them. If they ever get back to me, I'll post the conversations here.

Dear Gary,
How are you doing today?
Hope fine!
I would like to be updated with your communication with the Bank.
You are indebted to forwarded to me any message you received from the Bank
Please be kind to do that in your next email.
Thanks a lot


Dear Aisha,
I am fine, thank you for asking, although these pesky people from PETA keep protesting at our door since Tuesday.
I hope you are fine as well.
Today I emailed my details to the bank as specified in the form they had sent me. So I will further any response from them to you.
Have a great day.
Best Regards,
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