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Romania probes $34 million fraud at Roman Empire spa


BUCHAREST, Romania — A businessman and five others suspected of defrauding a spa that dates from the Roman empire of 30 million euros (about $34 million) were detained Thursday, Romanian prosecutors said.

Prosecutor Adrian Stamatin said that Iosif Armas, chairman of a company that manages the Herculaneum Spa, and other shareholders are suspected of illegally selling assets and taking out loans in the spa’s name that could not be repaid.

That led to the seizure of assets at the spa, a tourist attraction in southwestern Romania.

Six others, including a former spa manager, are also being investigated. The spa is still open.

There was no immediate comment from Armas, a former lawmaker and a past chairman of the Romanian Boxing Federation, or his representatives.


Prosecutors said Armas is suspected of creating a criminal group that orchestrated payments to his company from creditors of SC Hercules SA, which runs the spa.

The spa, which became popular with the conquering Romans, is known for its hot springs containing sulfur and other minerals. In the communist era, retirees and state workers would visit it for the reportedly healing properties of the waters. In recent years, private hotels and guesthouses have opened.

Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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No one understands the style nuances of a city quite like a native, so who better to bring our Madewell et Sézane collaboration—inspired by New York and Paris—to life than Camille Rowe, a French-born model and something of a dual citizen of both places?  
Camille’s been splitting time between the two cities for seven years now and, impressively, can distinguish a New Yorker from a Parisian with just a quick glance. In between wardrobe changes on set, Camille answered a few fill-in-the-blank questions to explain the differences between the two cities. Or, put another way, here’s how to look like a local whichever side of the pond you’re on.

You can always recognize a New York woman by…

The green juice in her hand. And her big sunglasses.

You can always recognize a Parisian woman by…

Her bedhead.

New York girls learn about style from…

Magazines, like Teen Vogue.

Parisian girls learn about style from…

People they admire. In my case, it was my dad. He taught me to appreciate vintage clothing, good classic denim and boots.

Every New York woman has…

Sneakers for everyday life and a great big coat for parties.

Every Parisian woman has…

Simple cotton underwear, and red lipstick for fancy nights out.

In New York, women dress for…

Other women.

In Paris, women dress for…


New York has taught me to…

Wear Birkenstocks and take more style risks.

In Paris, I’d never wear…

Sneakers. It’s such a New York thing, like working out. It’s almost taboo in Paris.


A song that captures the spirit of New York style is…

“She Belongs to Me,” by Bob Dylan.

A song that captures the spirit of Parisian style is…

“Il Est Cinq Heure Paris S’éveille,” by Jacques Dutronc.

One thing I love to wear in both Paris and New York are…

My Madewell denim shorts—high rise, real denim, no stretch.

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Baby With No Legs Abandoned At Birth, But When She Finds Out Her Real Identity…


She was innocently born to Romanian parents who didn’t have the means to care for her properly. She was always full of the joys of spring, and had the most adorable smile in the world.


Abandoned Baby Discovers A Secret Hidden Deep In Her Family Tree 


This story is like something out of a movie plot, but I can assure you, it’s 100% real.

Jennifer was born with no legs. Because of her devastating birth defect, her parents abandoned her at the hospital on the day she was born. One day, however, she was adopted by a wonderful couple from a tiny town in Illinois that instilled in her the confidence and strength she needed to live out her dreams — to become, if you can believe it, an athlete and gymnast.

You see, Jennifer’s childhood hero was legendary gymnast Dominique Moceanu. While so many others would have discouraged Jennifer’s dreams to be a talented tumbler, her newly adoptive family encouraged her to surpassed any and every expectation. Jennifer was on her way to becoming a gymnastics champion at the young age of seven.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. Over the years, Jennifer began to compete and dominate her sport. She even became the tumbling champion in the state of Illinois!

Out of curiosity, Jennifer asked her parents for more information about her biological family. She wanted to know what her last name would have been, had she not been abandoned by her birth mom. The answer she got sent chills down her spine…

O poveste trista care e in ziarul de azi intre stirile americane On-Line la Yahoo NEWS.   Eu tin minte toate problemele lui Dominique Moceanu cu familia ca erau in stiri la TV american pentru foarte mult timp dar si cu antrenorii din Romania, acel cuplu celebru care antrena si pe Nadia, Béla si Márta Károlyi.

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