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Dictionar esplicativ al limbii romane păntru engleji

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Mînca-ţi-aş = a special word used to describe many attitudes and various thoughts in Romanian language. Usually, it is followed by an anatomic part of the human body. Examples: 'manca-ti-as p***, c*****e….', etc. This word does not express hunger in most cases, but you can never be too sure, as the Romanians have a very healthy appetite for everything that can be put in the mouth (especially women).


Curvă = a select social category, mainly formed of women and high-school girls, that are organized in a sort of secret society, that have the insidious goal of killing the male population through intense sexual activity. A derived word of the curva, is tarfa, the difference being that a curva will have sex with anybody, but a tarfa will have sex with anybody but you.


Manelist = A special breed of romanian built to withstand even the most horrific sounds that he himself can make. Often used at parties to calm down violent drunk men breaking things. Be aware that in order not to harm other guests money must be thrown to stop the beast.


Naşpa = this word has actually no meaning, but is vaguely evil and bad. It's beyond adjectives or nouns, it can even be a verb if the speaker is drunk enough. Naspa can be used in any situation. If your dog dies e 'naspa', if your grandmother is on fire e 'naspa', iif you lost a penny... 'really naspa'.


lol = It's not actually a romanian word but young teens keep on using it. It is extremely uncool to actually laugh about a joke , you just politely say lol and nod with a serious look. Tracing the word back to it's roots is hard, but it seems to be most present in the deep waters of the mIRC and it is extremely popular among young teens who don't have a life but are seaching for one on the internet.


Bengos = a word used to describe something cool. In Romanian language anything good can be bengos. You bought a new pair of jeans, they are 'bengosi', you go to a club – it's bengos. It is the opposite of 'naspa' and can be use even for describing a person: 'a bengos ass', 'bengoase breasts' and so on.


Aurolac = a weak narcotic found in Romania, embedded in plastic bags sold at grocery stores. After its introduction it was reported to have increased sales of ciungã and other construction materials by 300% percent. Best known location for aurolac drug-addicts is the Senate where almost every day there are reports of people falling asleep from this drug.


Ciungă = a homemade Rumanian construction material made from 2 days chewed bubblegum. It has a very good adherence to objects like tables, floors and of course, hair. Romanians have a long and lasting tradition of putting ciungã on the hair, the recipients of such high commendation being a select group among the Rumanian citizens. To be spotted as having 'ciungã-n pãr' (ciunga in the hair in English) is an appreciation of a successful career. The bearers of such honour are selected from the masses and given the opportunity to change their lives.



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