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the monkey

Goat Compatibility

Modest relationship. They two are rather different, have adverse interests and donít quite manage to collaborate. The Goat is restless enough not to miss a Monkey constantly intent on jokes and fun.

The Monkey's marriage
Modest relationship. The two have little in common and donít really understand each other. Only through an extraordinary effort could they last together for a longer period of time.
The Monkey's marriage
Good relationship. Each is a bit selfish, thinking only of their own desires. If they manage to act together in any situation, it will be a good marriage.
The Monkey's marriage
Delicate relationship. The Rooster is to correct and hard working for the superficial and aesthetically inclined Monkey. They donít have much chance of building a future together.
The Monkey's marriage
Possible relationship. The closeness between the two may be accomplished with efforts on both sides. This happens over time and the two discover each other rather late. A relationship that is hard to maintain but it is interesting enough to be worth a try.
The Monkey's marriage
Rather bad relationship. They are too different to live together. Better not keep this up for long.

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