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European zodiac

Gemini is a masculine, mutable, air sign. Its metal is mercury, its subtle color is violet and its gem is opal. The verb that characterizes it is “to think”.
This is the sign of transition, of duality and indecision, representing the messenger, the intermediary, the brother, cousin, clerk, journalist. Gemini have a nervous temperament; they are constantly on the move, being adaptable, nimble and astute. They mingle everywhere, finding out everything, always researching.
Natives are very curious, they are interested in everything there is, always accumulating knowledge they will seldom use, but they feel like they need to know everything.
Their language is very neat and shiny and they make an impression with their vast knowledge, even if it is only superficial. Gemini are attracted by society, they enjoy being surrounded by large groups of people in front of whom to shine.
Gemini are self-centered, practical, daring, and ready to risk up to recklessness. They do not adapt to a work of routine, they love freedom and constantly need to move and change. They are fairly lazy and neglectful, inclined to gossip and intrigue, not being capable of sustained long term efforts.
They have a quick wit, a good observational spirit, are prompt in reactions and bond easily with anyone. They feel the need to be protected even in adulthood, but especially to be praised and pitied. They cannot be counted on in critical moments, because they tend to shirk away.
Gemini are dualistic persons, they are inclined to lies, are capable of contradictory actions, opportunists and speculators, making use of any chance they are offered. They catch on things and adapt easily.
They must be taught responsibility and discipline at an early age. Professionally, Gemini are well prepared for journalism or any other activity in close contact with the public: clerk, merchant, thief.
In their feelings, they are delicate, but all too fickle and whimsical. They love more mentally, without taking action, and they enjoy conquering more than keeping, always looking for the ideal.
Their pathology is related to the respiratory system, arms and shoulders. They may have trouble with their lungs, asthma, and bronchitis or poliarticular rheumatism.

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