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Scris 16 April 2007 - 12:50 PM

Stie cineva cum as putea obtine un permis de munca in Elvetia?
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Scris 16 April 2007 - 01:58 PM

Stie cineva cum as putea obtine un permis de munca in Elvetia?

Priority to Swiss nationals and applicants from EU and EFTA member states
(Art. 7 BVO and Art. 8 BVO)

Citizens of third states are granted access to the Swiss labour market only if an employer can prove that despite considerable efforts no suitable Swiss national or citizen from an EU or EFTA member state could be found to fill a vacancy.

Vacant positions must be registered with the Regional Employment Offices (RAV) together with a request to register the vacancy in the European Employment System (EURES = the European Unions Employment Services cooperation network). Once a potential employee has been put in contact with the employer and subsequently turned down, the employers generally receive a questionnaire in which they can state the reasons the potential employee was not hired.

Moreover, the employer must explain to the authorities why the search for a suitable candidate by means of the recruitment channels used in the specific industry, such as specialist journals, employment agencies, online job listings or corporate websites, etc., was not successful. Suitable proof includes job advertisements in newspapers, written confirmation from employment agencies, or other kinds of documentation. Often it is helpful for authorities if the employer submits a brief overview of all candidates with a short explanation of which qualifications for a particular job were lacking. In special cases, the authorities can request an employer to intensify his recruitment efforts.

Qualifications and particular circumstances
(Art. 8(3)(a) BVO)

Besides giving priority to Swiss nationals and applicants from EU and EFTA member states, the Swiss authorities require an employer to submit documentary proof of an applicants qualifications and any special reasons the employer may have for employing a particular person.

A well-qualified person is someone who has a degree from a university or a technical college and several years work experience. Depending on the profession or specialization of the candidate, the person may also be admitted if they have particular training and several years of work experience.

The Swiss authorities examine the persons qualifications on the basis of their curriculum vitae, their education certificates and references. Applicants must submit copies of the original documents including a translation if the original documents are not in German, French, Italian, English, or Spanish.[/b]

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pentru mai multe detalii cauta pe site-ul: casa Romanilor din Elvetia

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